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Discounted Pepino Melon

Serious individuals who are really good farmers and entrepreneurs are reaping big with pepino melon while many of us are waiting for it to turn like quail, but I want to take this chance to be a little bit on your face that it’s not happening any time soon. Pepino came to Kenya 3 years ago some have become millionaires and many have earned what they say their life time dream income. The price of an average pepino fruit at farm gate is 30-50 while that in our retail markets at 70-150 per fruit and the plant start its harvest after 3-4 months of planting depending on area. A plant can produce more than 50 fruits in four months’ time after the start of the harvest the pepino plant has also a lefespan of 3 years.

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That means a quarter of land having 1000 at a spacing of 3*3ft can have a minimum return of 1.5-2.5 million in a period of 8 months . But to get this return you need to learn from experts and the experienced one about the care from planting to harvest, the varieties and the marketing, we as oxfarm once you become our customer we will make you achieve all this. Also make your idle greenhouse earn you even greater returns. The best time to invest is now we sell our seedlings at Ksh 100, call us now and order the seedlings  0723662773 or visit or offices at Nairobi hermes house Tom Mboya Street opp K.T.D.A.

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Grafted muthakwa tree tomatoes

The grafted variety matures after 9- 12 months depending on location and the expected output is between 25-40 kg per plant annually. The current market price of the tree tomatoes fruits is sh 80-150 per Kg. This means one tree tomato can give returns of more than 2000-6000 annually under good management.

They have a lifespan of more than 6 years and they produce through out the year. One acre of land under a good spacing can be planted 1500 seedlings. Get the seedlings from us @100. We do delivery country wide. We also have management and consultancy services on the tree tomatoes. Visit our offices or demo farm in Nyeri to learn more on tree tomato.

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The grafted variety is diseases resistant also drought resistant ‘Muthakwa tree’ is tap rooted and is able to tap water from deep underground. It is also not attacked by nematodes unlike the ordinary tree tomato. We are currently managing over many farms in Nyeri, Embu, Nakuru and Kiambu counties.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Starting a mango orchard Kenya

Its now easy to start a mango orchard both for commercial and for consumption. With only sh 40,000, we will make your dream come true in your one acre land. This includes the cost of seedlings,planting and three months monitoring. We also do replace all the seedlings that are not thriving well. All varieties of mango seedlings are available including tommy, Kent and Apple. You can also buy the seedlings from us and do the planting yourself. Each seedling at sh 150. We ship across the country at a small fee.Visit our offices at Hermes building ,Tom mboya opposite KTDA or click here to contact us.


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Grafted purple passion fruits kenya

Grafted purple passion

Why you should think of investing on grafted purple passion fruit. The fruits matures after 6 months. One vine of grafted passion fruit plant can produce a minimum of 50kg or estimated 1500-2500 fruits in one year. One acre can be planted 650-1000 plants seedlings. They have a lifespan of more than 3-5 years. Purple passions have ready market and the current market price per kg at the farm gate is sh 70-100. The grafted ones are recommended because they are resistant to fusariam wilt  a disease present in the soil. Order seedlings from us at sh 70 each. We also do planting and management practices for our clients at an agreed fee. Delivery services available country wide. Visit our offices at Hermes house ,1st floor,opposite KTDA Tom mboya street. contact us for more info

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Orange and tangerines orchard package

The orange and tangerines orchard package is here with us.We will prepare the land for you and do the planting at your comfort.We will also do the monitoring of your farm for 3 months.After 3 months the seedlings are safe and you have to wait for them to mature without any additional cost.They mature after 2 years.One acre can be planted 200 seedlings.This package is going for ksh 45,000 per acre.Make your idle land more profitable with us.You can also buy the seedlings and do the planting yourself.Each seedling at sh 150.Visit our offices at Hermes house,1st floor opposite KTDA,Tom mboya.Contact 0723662773

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Lemon farming and seedlings

Did you know that lemons produce throughout the year? You should also know that each plant can produce more than 1000 fruits yearly and the current market price is sh 10 per fruit.The demand for lemons in Kenya is unsatisfiable due to their many benefits to the body especially on women.For every 10 people 8 people have a lemon in their diet daily.It is also easy to grow as it is free from attacks by pests and diseases.They mature after 2 -3 years.They are also resistance to any harsh climatic condition.Starting a lemon orchard is now easy.We now have the seedlings at sh 100 only.We deliver country wide at a small fee.Visit our offices at hermes house,opposite KTDA, To mboya. Contact us  for more info

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Apple Mangoe Farming

After two years we now have a happy and a satisfied customer.Two acres of apple mangoes have been harvested this season.You can have your farm look like this also for only 40,000 per acre.You can also order the seedlings and do the planting yourself under our guidance.All varieties of mangoes available including Ngowe,Apple,Kent and Tommy.Contact 0723662773 for more details

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Coffee Seedlings available

Interested on coffee Ruiru coffee seedlings now available at Ksh @30. These are the best type of coffee for a farmer to plant because it takes less space and take a period of 2 years to start harvesting. Its also resistant to pests and disease unlike other brands of coffee. At 4 years maturity a stem can yield on average 40kg if well nurtured. We also deal with other brands of coffees, batiani and ruiru grafted, for more info, field visit and seedlings call Tony 0725114069/ Richard 0717791457

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Seedlings Deliveries : Nyahururu, Gilgil, Naivasha and kinangop

We shall be making free seedling deliveries of all fruit varieties on 9th and 10th of may to Nyahururu,Gilgil,Naivasha and kinangop.Make use of the rains with profitable enterprises this season, fruit farming.We will also provide free consultancy on planting and management.Order via our Mpesa till no 868992.Mangoes,Pawpaw,Hass avocados,oranges,Tangerines,Pepino melons,pomegranate,lemon,lime,kiwi,macadamia,apples,passion fruits are all available in our seedbed.Contact 0712075915/0723662773 to order