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OxfarmAgri Tours – A visit to Wambugu Apple Aden farm


We have organised an event to learn more on Apple farming.

On 20th March 2021 we tour Wambugu Apple Eden Farm is Located in Laikipia county Gobit Ward five kilometers From Nyeri-Nyahururu highway at Makutano, where Wambugu apple Variety is Grown among other fruits seedlings.

We meet Mr Samuel the owner of the farm and the son of Mr Wambugu founder Wambugu Apple The Farm was established in the year 2017 with only a few seedlings and within a year they got their first harvest.

Currently the Farm has 1200 mature Wambugu Apple trees and 1000 pomegranate trees and peaches.

Invite video

Facts About Wambugu Apple.

–> Wambugu Apple produces first fruits in one year after planting the seedling.
–> Trees produces fruits throughout the year.
–> A mature tree produces average of 30kgs-50kgs annually.
–> An acre can accommodate 500 seedlings.
–> The Wambugu apple survives in most of the soils if they are well drained.
–> Wambugu Apple has a life span of more than 50 years.

What we will learn on 20th March

–> Best sites for apple farming
–> Apple planting, Nutrients and Water requirement.
–> Pest and disease management in fruit orchard.
–> Training Apple trees.
–> Apple Pollination groups.
–> Profitability of Apple farming.
–> Harvesting, Storing and Marketing of fruits.
–> We will learn also on Pomegranate farming, Peach farming and how to intercrop for maximum use of your farm.

Let’s Tour Wambugu Apple Aden farm and Orchard.

At Laikipia Ngobit ward.

Organized by OxfarmAgri Tours & Events

Charges include transport, meals, writing materials.

From Nairobi Ksh 3500
From Nakuru Ksh 3200
Self drive to the farm- Ksh 2200
20th March 2021

Reserve your seat.
0710588060/ 0769623300
WhatsApp Chat

Mpesa paybill
OxfarmAg Ltd
No – 340892
Acc – client name

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We believe in transparency, We are comitted to serve you

This Conversation came as a result of a customer accusing OxfarmAg Company of con, it was in a Facebook group – Buyers beware Kenya.  The Post has since been removed.

The post from the customer said that OxfarmAg conned her Ksh. 380k.

This interview was carried on 16th Feb 2021 for clarification on the part of OxfarmAg Ltd, by Mr Cliff to the OxfarmAg Manager Nebat.

CLIFF: Explain about the issue of a customer losing 380k after ordering the seedlings from Oxfarm.

NEBAT: OxfarmAg Ltd started 2015 and was later formally registered in 2017. We are Licensed and Certified by Horticultural Crops Directorate Authority (HCDA) & Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) to propagate and sell fruit plants seedlings to farmers. We market ourselves with brand names Oxfarm Organic Ltd and Our websites are and

As Oxfarm we acknowledge the issue on social media and we say it’s not a con. The farmer has the seedlings so to our knowledge he has not lost the cash.

We have various pixies seedlings sizes, small @Ksh. 250, medium @ Ksh. 500 and big @Ksh. 1000. When the customer came to our demo farm she needed Medium sized seedlings 1900 of them but at that time we didn’t have that number so she opted to go for small sized seedlings. 

After payment was made on 16th December, we delivered the seedlings as agreed with an excess of more than 200 plants. The Customer communicated to us that she was dissatisfied with the sizes of some seedlings and we sent our representative to iron the issue.

CLIFF: Why was there a variance in sizes of delivered seedlings?  

NEBAT: I must say there was a difference in the samples she had bought earlier after her visit to our demo farm and the seedlings she ordered and delivered. The samples she had bought were medium sized at discounted price of Ksh. 400. The ordered 1900 pixie seedlings were for small sized with a discount from Ksh. 250 to 200. What we didn’t meet is the customer expectation on sizes for some seedlings that she said were small.

The allegation that we delivered some pixie seedlings that were not grafted is not true since all our citrus fruit seedlings we sell are grafted apart from lemons. The scions might have been small making them seem non-grafted but they there all grafted.

CLIFF: What really transpired till the client had to complain on social media?

NEBAT: The client called us and said that the seedlings were small in size. When company representative was sent, there were 32 damaged seedlings, most were favorable sizes and some were small but not non-grafted. We agreed on replacing the small ones but also pointed out that he should give us 2-3 months for the seedlings we had to attain the sizes they needed. The farmer pointed out that he would communicate with the family members and then later gets back to us on either a refund or replacement. The client never got back to us.

CLIFF: How are you now handling the situation?

NEBAT: We have sent our representative (Mr. Mwangi) to the farm. He has confirmed about the seedlings that were planted 800 of them and also there were other seedlings not planted.

We have agreed with the farmer on refunding the unplanted seedlings.

CLIFF: We have seen other farmers dissatisfied about your seedlings, what are you doing about it?

NEBAT: First I must say we deal with very sensitive products. Plants are living things and need utmost care and proper management. In this case some of the seedlings get damaged on transit and as soon as the farmer communicates with us we do replacement.  We have agronomists who visit famers in their farms for proper guidance on management of plants and also in our demo farms.

We insist on farmers to have an understanding that what they plant need much care, some farmers follow the guidelines we give them while others don’t and they end up blaming us for their failure.

We have happy farmers that we have served and also unhappy ones.

CLIFF:  Kindly give your clients a protocol to follow whenever such an issue arises.

NEBAT: We welcome all our clients to visit us in our farms in case such an issue arises. If any client has an issue kindly visit us in our farm, call us or email. Our contacts are always provided in our website. Let us solve issues as soon as they arise not rushing to social media it causes more problems than solutions.

We really apologize to the customer for not meeting the needs as expected. We will play our part and ensure agreement we have made is fulfilled.

Thank you.

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OxfarmAgri Tours – Fish Farming Training & Event.

Commercial fish farming in Kenya has become a great income source and business idea for the many. Many fish farmers are farming fish for family consumption and some are farming in large scale for high profit. We would like you to learn more on fish farming.

On 6th March 2021 we have a fish farming training in Mwea Kirinyaga County.

What we will learn in the event

If you are thinking about starting fish culturing in Kenya, or you are in it, you need to consider some important factors that may affect the success and profitability of fish farming business.

  • Benefits of Fish Farming
  • How to Start Fish Farming?
  • Selecting Land Area
  • Pond Design & Construction
  • Selecting Fish Species
  • Feeding The Fish
  • Other Care & Management
  • Collecting Fish
  • Marketing

OxfarmAgri tours on Fish farming tour & event.

The Farm is in Kirinyaga County, on the slopes of Mount Kenya at 1050m above sea level in a low rainfall area famous for irrigated rice that feeds the entire Country and beyond. The Fish Farm is 110 kilometers North East of Nairobi on the Nairobi/Embu and 1.5 km from Kimbimbi town and can be accessed throughout the year through a good all weather road.

Here’s more interesting things about the farm and why they are excellent:

  • Nile tilapia Fingerling production
  • Catfish Fingerling Production
  • Formulating Quality Fish feeds
  • Demonstrating how to integrate fish with crop farming
  • Modern Hatchery
  • Training

Charges include transport, meals and writing materials. 

  • From Nairobi Ksh 3000
  • Self drive to the farm – Ksh 2200

On 6th March 2021

Phone number to call

0710588060 / 0769623300

WhatsApp Link HERE

Payments – Mpesa paybill

OxfarmAg Ltd

No – 340892 Acc – Clients name

Training on the same farm.

Some Photos of the farm

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GOAL: Greening my farm 2021

This year If you have to plant a tree, plant fruit trees. 

Most of us beginning of year set some goals to accomplish 2021. We hope you add this goal of ‘Greening my farm 2021’   Have a way of ensuring you contribute in conserving the environment.

The positive side of planting fruits trees is that you get rewarded by having fresh fruits from your farm and extra income you get from extras.   We are here to assist you by getting quality certified planting materials propagated by professionals at best prices. 

To assist you in accomplishing this goal order plant seedlings from us and get them delivered for free to our nearest town.

A great Opportunity to green your farm this year.   

Client take on this year Goal - Greening my farm 2021.

"From a social aspect, fruit trees help people become connected to the growing process while also providing a nutritious food source and food security."
Dancan Farmer
Nakuru - Njoro

OxfarmAg seedlings list & Prices in Ksh

    Hass avocados @150
    Grafted tree tomato @100
    Fuerte avocado @150
    Passion plants grafted @70
    Yellow passion @50
    Mangoes @150
    Oranges @150
    Tangerines @150
    Guavas @100
    Pawpaw @60
    Apples @350
    Macadamia @350
    Lemons @100
    Lime @150
    Pomegranates @300
    Pears @300
    Plums @350
    Kiwi @400
    Grapes table/wine @300
    Upland Arrow roots suckers @100
    Pixie orange seedlings @250
    Coffee (Ruiru11) @60
    Custard apple @100
    Pepino Melon @100
    Tissue culture banana @180
    Plantain banana @500
    Strawberry @50
Mulberry @100
Dragon Plants @800


Western region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888 WhatsApp link —-> HERE
Email –


Nairobi region

Engage Cliff 0769623300 WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email – .

Visit us at Ridge ways Along Kigwa road Nairobi


Nakuru region

Engange Asman – 0740000044 WhatsApp link —-> HERE
Email –

Visit us Near White house Nakuru


Eldoret region

Engage Dancan – 0710588060 WhatsApp Link —-> HERE
Email – .

Visit us near rupa mall on the highway opp total petrol station Eldoret.


Mt Kenya region

Engage Stephen 0742194880 WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email – .

Visit us Nyeri Tetu Githakwa


Eastern and Coast region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888 WhatsApp link —-> HERE
Email –

Photos of fruits and seedlings available in our demo farm.

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Mushroom Production Farm Tour And Training

It takes 3.5 months to get a mushroom harvest.
A mushroom house measuring 4m by 7m can accommodate 600-700 bags.
A bag on average produces 1.5kg of mushroom. A kg of mushrooms fetches about KSh400 – 500.

Mushroom farming is very lucrative agribusiness if you understand and learn what it takes to be successful.

On 13th Feb 2021 OxfarmAgri tour have organised a mushroom training, where we will be hosted by experts Bob and Leonard.
Here is the invite video.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in training.

  1. How to design crop room for mushroom farming.
  2. How to prepare different type of mushroom compost .
  3. How spawn is required in compost, how to mix it and bag filling.
    4 . How to Prepare casing soil and how to apply it .
  4. How to maintain humidity and temperature of the crop room
  5. Mushroom diseases management.
  6. Mushroom harvesting, grading, washing, packing, marketing and branding.
  7. Profitability of mushroom farming.

Register with Dancan for the event. Contact 0710588060
WhatsApp Link HERE

Charges per head
–> 2500 Self drive
–> 3000 Transport from Nairobi, meals and writing materials.
Much welcome.

Mushroom Training on past event on the farm

OxfarmAgri tours