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Muthakwa grafted tree tomatoes are pest and disease resistant. They have a long lifespan of more than 6 years.They have a short maturity period of 8 months unlike the ungrafted ones. Order seedlings from us or contact us

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Why Grafted Tree Tomato

Cost analysis of planting 200 grafted tree tomato seedlings.

Variety: Red oratia.

Space: 6000sqft

Preparation of land (digging ,fallowing) to attain fine tillage 1000
Buying of seedlings from reputable dealers @100 each 20000
Digging of holes 2ft by 2ft @10 each 2000
Buying and application of manure per hole @50 per bucket 10000
Planting, mulching of seedlings 500
Fertilizer for the entire season 4000
Chemicals for the entire season 7000
Water expenses (for irrigation) 10000
Management and miscellaneous. 20000
Total cost 70500
Expected output 65kg -120kg per tree @100 for one year




1.3 million

2.4 million


  • The plant take 8-10 months to mature and depends on location.
  • The cost of seedlings can vary depending with your dealer Oxfarm Organic ltd sells their seedlings at Ksh 100.
  • Cost of manure, labor and management can be greatly reduced if you do the work.
  • Prices of a kg of tree tomato vary from various markets from 80-150.

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What to do.

  • Require a spacing measuring 6ft by 6ft, then dig dip holes measuring 2ft by 2ft this helps in roots penetration and also to be able to accommodate enough manure.
  • Add a bucket of well rotten manure into per hole and mix well with top soil.
  • Plant your grafted seedlings by first ensuring you have watered your soil well or plant during rainy season. Add mulching to every stem of your plants.
  • In case of a dry season apply irrigation either drip irrigation or bucket irrigation.
  • Add fertilizer after one month of planting this will ensure faster growth and rood development.
  • Protect you plant from pest and deceases from early stages by splaying at a good interval depending with the rate of infestation with pesticides and fungicides both protective and curing ones.
  • Splay your plants with foliar feed to ensure faster and stronger plants and also during flowering to boost more flowers and ensure they do not drop.


These are just costs and output, on how to achieve this you need to learn the best methods that work to achieve these outputs. Come visit us in our demonstration farm in Nyeri or visit our offices.

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download this PDF file  A MILLION WITH 200 TREE TOMATO

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Grafted muthakwa tree tomatoes

The grafted variety matures after 9- 12 months depending on location and the expected output is between 25-40 kg per plant annually. The current market price of the tree tomatoes fruits is sh 80-150 per Kg. This means one tree tomato can give returns of more than 2000-6000 annually under good management.

They have a lifespan of more than 6 years and they produce through out the year. One acre of land under a good spacing can be planted 1500 seedlings. Get the seedlings from us @100. We do delivery country wide. We also have management and consultancy services on the tree tomatoes. Visit our offices or demo farm in Nyeri to learn more on tree tomato.

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The grafted variety is diseases resistant also drought resistant ‘Muthakwa tree’ is tap rooted and is able to tap water from deep underground. It is also not attacked by nematodes unlike the ordinary tree tomato. We are currently managing over many farms in Nyeri, Embu, Nakuru and Kiambu counties.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Tree Tomato Demo farm Nyeri Kenya

When it comes to tree tomatoes we do it the best way.This is by grafting to increase productivity as well as increasing their lifespan.Order grafted seedlings from us.You can also visit our demonstration farm for more.