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This is what we offer every End Month

For five days we give you free delivery of fruits plants and a discount.

Why we do this? is to ensure you save on plants so that we achieve the goal we had set you and I of greening our farms 2021 is achieved.

In the ancient days, farmers would have one type of fruit trees in their farm, but the modern day farmer knows that it is better to have assorted fruit trees in your farm as it enables farmers to be in production all seasons hence ensuring of guaranteed income throughout.

Different fruit plants do well in different places. In older to know what will do well engage any of our regional reps for assistance.

We have assortment of fruit seedlings available for you to plant especially now we are approaching rain season.

You can get them in any of our branches, Nairobi Nakuru, Eldoret Nyeri or we deliver for free.

Our five days starts today.

What fruit plants would you love to plant?
Let’s Engage.

Regional Contacts

Western region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888
WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email –

Nairobi region

Engage Cliff 0769623300
WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email –
Visit us at Ridge ways Along Kigwa road Nairobi

Nakuru region

Engage Asman 0740000044
WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email –
Visit us Near White house Nakuru

Eldoret region

Engage Dancan – 0710588060
WhatsApp Link —> HERE
Email –
Visit us near rupa mall on the highway opp total petrol station Eldoret.

Mt Kenya region

Engage Stephen 0742194880
WhatsApp link —> HERE
Email –
Visit us Nyeri Tetu Githakwa

Eastern and Coast region

Engage Nebat on 0706222888
WhatsApp link —> HERE

List of fruit seedlings and their prices

Grafted tree tomato @100
Fuerte avocado @150
Passion plants grafted @70
Yellow passion @50
Mangoes @150
Oranges @150
Tangerines @150
Guavas @100
Pawpaw @60
Apples @350
Macadamia @350
Lemons @100
Lime @150
Pomegranates @300
Pears @300
Plums @350
Kiwi @400
Grapes table/wine @300
Upland Arrow roots suckers @100
Pixie orange seedlings @250
Coffee (Ruiru11) @60
Custard apple @100

Pepino Melon @100
Tissue culture banana @180
Plantain banana @500
Strawberry @50
Mulberry @100
Dragon Plants @800


8 thoughts on “Ensuring productivity of fruits throughout the year.

  1. I would like to know what can be planted together with avocado fruits.

    1. Hi Joseph Njau, thank you for showing interest in our fruit tree seedlings, well the following are fruit seedlings you can plant together with avocados, passion and strawberry fruit seedlings will do well with Avocado around them. How many seedlings are you interested in planting?

  2. My farm is at Murarandia location, Murang’a county. Which fruit would do well there?

    1. Hey Gibson, thank you for showing interest in our fruit tree seedlings, the following fruit tree seedlings can do well in Murarandi, Murang’a;tree tomatoes, passion, tissue culture bananas, hass avocadoes, macadamia,apples and custard apples.
      Kindly feel free to click on the link below to place your order or to even seek clarification on fruit farming.

  3. Commendable work.

  4. Morning
    I am interested in fruits that take little space.
    1.pawpaws:what kind do you have?
    3.pomegranate..does it grow big??

    1. Hi Betty,
      For pawpaws we have the solo sunrise variety, we have grafted tangerine which grows to dwarf size. pomegranate grows into a shrub and maybe also be pruned to your desired shape and size
      you can also consider tree tomato, plums and passion. Kindly let us know your location so that we can tell you which of the above fruits will do well in your area, feel free to place a call on 0769623300

  5. Thanks for the constant updates.

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