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This year If you have to plant a tree, plant fruit trees. 

Most of us beginning of year set some goals to accomplish 2021. We hope you add this goal of ‘Greening my farm 2021’   Have a way of ensuring you contribute in conserving the environment.

The positive side of planting fruits trees is that you get rewarded by having fresh fruits from your farm and extra income you get from extras.   We are here to assist you by getting quality certified planting materials propagated by professionals at best prices. 

To assist you in accomplishing this goal order plant seedlings from us and get them delivered for free to our nearest town.

A great Opportunity to green your farm this year.   

Client take on this year Goal - Greening my farm 2021.

"From a social aspect, fruit trees help people become connected to the growing process while also providing a nutritious food source and food security."
Dancan Farmer
Nakuru - Njoro

OxfarmAg seedlings list & Prices in Ksh

    Hass avocados @150
    Grafted tree tomato @100
    Fuerte avocado @150
    Passion plants grafted @70
    Yellow passion @50
    Mangoes @150
    Oranges @150
    Tangerines @150
    Guavas @100
    Pawpaw @60
    Apples @350
    Macadamia @350
    Lemons @100
    Lime @150
    Pomegranates @300
    Pears @300
    Plums @350
    Kiwi @400
    Grapes table/wine @300
    Upland Arrow roots suckers @100
    Pixie orange seedlings @250
    Coffee (Ruiru11) @60
    Custard apple @100
    Pepino Melon @100
    Tissue culture banana @180
    Plantain banana @500
    Strawberry @50
Mulberry @100
Dragon Plants @800


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Photos of fruits and seedlings available in our demo farm.

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