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Fruits safety

Farmers are facing losses due to many factors. From adverse weather, upcoming pest and diseases, lack of market for their produce etc.

As a farmer have you ever considered venturing in a more sustainable farming of fruit tree farming.

The trends are changing and you need a change too.
Let’s name them from our neighbors farmers who invested earlier and are smiling due to good decision the made and invested on fruit farming. From Hass avocado, pixie farming, banana farming, macadamia farming etc.

These investment need more patience, but their returns are sustainable and guaranteed.

If you are a phone farmer this will be a great investment.

We at OxfarmAg would like to advice you better on what to invest in.

We are encouraging you Farmers to practice fruit-trees farming, as a long term investment. Apart from the financial aspects and benefits, planting of trees is in accordance with the government’s agenda of making kenya more than 10% forest cover up from 7.4%. This will help improve our environment in a big way.

We have all types of fruit trees and will guide a farmer from planting to maintanance, till growth.

We do have planting packages where our agronomist visit your farm and give you professional advice as to what you can plant.

Where is the market?

OxfarmAg in partnership with other Companies we buy fruits for local and export market. This ensures farmers focus on production.

Engage our various regional representatives.

  • Western Region
    0706222888 WhatsApp link HERE
  • For Nairobi  Visit us at Ridgeways along Kigwa road. 0769623300 or WhatsApp HERE
  • Nakuru
    Visit us at our farm around white house. 0740000044/ 0758944535 or WhatsApp HERE
  • Mt Kenya region
    Visit Mkulima wa Nyeri farm at Tetu, Githakwa. 0742194880 or WhatsApp HERE
  • Eldoret Region
    Visit us around rupa mall area, Contacts 0710588060 / 0757800641 or WhatsApp HERE
  • Eastern and Coast Region
    0769623300 / 0740000044 WhatsApp link HERE



Pre – planting package

  • Agronomist Farm visits
  • Soil analysis
  • Farm reports

Planting Package

  • Certified Fruit seedlings.
  • Soil Treatment
  • Labor

Post Planting Package

  • Follow Ups
  • Agronomist reports
  • Marketing produce







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