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mushroom farming

To learn more on Mushroom farming we have organized the 7th mushroom training and farm tour at  Bannie-El Mushroom Farm in Limuru.

In broad, the mushroom training will cover the below details:-

  • Cost of production
  • Structure design
  • Preparing compost
  • Substrate preparation and mixing ratios
  • Sterilization/pasteurization (decontamination) of substrate
  • Inoculation (spawning) and conditions
  • Incubation
  • Maintaining conditions
  • Soil casing
  • Management
  • Fruiting process
  • Harvesting
  • Storage
  • Marketing
  • Challenges in production and marketing
  • Cooking preparation recipe


  • 3,000/= Exclusive of transport
  • Payable to Farmer Trend mpesa till number 201677

check more about the farm HERE

CONTACTS: 0790-509684

Mushroom training



Last event on Mushroom Farming organized by Farm Expose

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  1. Good afternoon. Am interested is the training you conduct and fruit tree seedlings. Am curious however, the last training u did in 2019 march for you have another session in the pipeline? Let me know

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