It takes 3.5 months to get a mushroom harvest.
A mushroom house measuring 4m by 7m can accommodate 600-700 bags.
A bag on average produces 1.5kg of mushroom. A kg of mushrooms fetches about KSh400 – 500.

Mushroom farming is very lucrative agribusiness if you understand and learn what it takes to be successful.

On 13th Feb 2021 OxfarmAgri tour have organised a mushroom training, where we will be hosted by experts Bob and Leonard.
Here is the invite video.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in training.

  1. How to design crop room for mushroom farming.
  2. How to prepare different type of mushroom compost .
  3. How spawn is required in compost, how to mix it and bag filling.
    4 . How to Prepare casing soil and how to apply it .
  4. How to maintain humidity and temperature of the crop room
  5. Mushroom diseases management.
  6. Mushroom harvesting, grading, washing, packing, marketing and branding.
  7. Profitability of mushroom farming.

Register with Dancan for the event. Contact 0710588060
WhatsApp Link HERE

Charges per head
–> 2500 Self drive
–> 3000 Transport from Nairobi, meals and writing materials.
Much welcome.

Mushroom Training on past event on the farm

OxfarmAgri tours

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