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We have organised an event to learn more on Apple farming.

On 20th March 2021 we tour Wambugu Apple Eden Farm is Located in Laikipia county Gobit Ward five kilometers From Nyeri-Nyahururu highway at Makutano, where Wambugu apple Variety is Grown among other fruits seedlings.

We meet Mr Samuel the owner of the farm and the son of Mr Wambugu founder Wambugu Apple The Farm was established in the year 2017 with only a few seedlings and within a year they got their first harvest.

Currently the Farm has 1200 mature Wambugu Apple trees and 1000 pomegranate trees and peaches.

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Facts About Wambugu Apple.

–> Wambugu Apple produces first fruits in one year after planting the seedling.
–> Trees produces fruits throughout the year.
–> A mature tree produces average of 30kgs-50kgs annually.
–> An acre can accommodate 500 seedlings.
–> The Wambugu apple survives in most of the soils if they are well drained.
–> Wambugu Apple has a life span of more than 50 years.

What we will learn on 20th March

–> Best sites for apple farming
–> Apple planting, Nutrients and Water requirement.
–> Pest and disease management in fruit orchard.
–> Training Apple trees.
–> Apple Pollination groups.
–> Profitability of Apple farming.
–> Harvesting, Storing and Marketing of fruits.
–> We will learn also on Pomegranate farming, Peach farming and how to intercrop for maximum use of your farm.

Let’s Tour Wambugu Apple Aden farm and Orchard.

At Laikipia Ngobit ward.

Organized by OxfarmAgri Tours & Events

Charges include transport, meals, writing materials.

From Nairobi Ksh 3500
From Nakuru Ksh 3200
Self drive to the farm- Ksh 2200
20th March 2021

Reserve your seat.
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