Commercial fish farming in Kenya has become a great income source and business idea for the many. Many fish farmers are farming fish for family consumption and some are farming in large scale for high profit. We would like you to learn more on fish farming.

On 6th March 2021 we have a fish farming training in Mwea Kirinyaga County.

What we will learn in the event

If you are thinking about starting fish culturing in Kenya, or you are in it, you need to consider some important factors that may affect the success and profitability of fish farming business.

  • Benefits of Fish Farming
  • How to Start Fish Farming?
  • Selecting Land Area
  • Pond Design & Construction
  • Selecting Fish Species
  • Feeding The Fish
  • Other Care & Management
  • Collecting Fish
  • Marketing

OxfarmAgri tours on Fish farming tour & event.

The Farm is in Kirinyaga County, on the slopes of Mount Kenya at 1050m above sea level in a low rainfall area famous for irrigated rice that feeds the entire Country and beyond. The Fish Farm is 110 kilometers North East of Nairobi on the Nairobi/Embu and 1.5 km from Kimbimbi town and can be accessed throughout the year through a good all weather road.

Here’s more interesting things about the farm and why they are excellent:

  • Nile tilapia Fingerling production
  • Catfish Fingerling Production
  • Formulating Quality Fish feeds
  • Demonstrating how to integrate fish with crop farming
  • Modern Hatchery
  • Training

Charges include transport, meals and writing materials. 

  • From Nairobi Ksh 3000
  • Self drive to the farm – Ksh 2200

On 6th March 2021

Phone number to call

0710588060 / 0769623300

WhatsApp Link HERE

Payments – Mpesa paybill

OxfarmAg Ltd

No – 340892 Acc – Clients name

Training on the same farm.

Some Photos of the farm

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