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Who is an agronomist?

This is an expert in the science of soil management and crop production, they are also commonly referred to as Extension Officers.

An agricultural extension service officer offers technical advice on agriculture and also supplies you with the necessary inputs and services to support your agricultural production.

Agronomists’ provides information to farmers and passes to the farmers new ideas developed by agricultural research stations.

Agronomists have the following common roles in the agricultural sector:

-Educating farmers so that the farmers can help themselves
-Linking farmers with research-based information to improve agricultural production, productivity, processing -Marketing of agricultural goods and services.

In return the following outcomes are expected from the Agronomist – Farmer collaboration;

-Increased yields
-Lower production costs
-Improved soil fertility,
-Reduced use of water

Between January and March our Agronomists will be hitting the ground attending to farmers by offering them best solutions on to prepare their farms in advance for the next rainy / planting season.

Why now?

With the current sunlight levels and inadequate rainfall, planting can be a challenge to those who do not have a reliable source of water, therefore it is advisable to do the preparations between now and the time we expect the rainfalls, the farmer will have been preparing their farm so that once it starts raining, you will just plant, instead of doing the soil sampling then and then end up losing some days of rainfall.

Adequate planning helps a farmer put in place the right resources in the soil and also put in place the necessary inputs before the planting exercise commences.

Contact us today so that we can start walking this amazing journey together,

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