DRIP KIT 500 SQ Meters


Looking to start with drip irrigation, but don’t know what you need and how much of it? We have a Kit just for you!

it ensures:

  • Increased yields
  • Increases water use efficiency
  • Improves water and fertilizer distribution
  • Reduces manual labor
  • Reduces evaporation and run-off
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Eliminates wetting of the foliage, reducing fungal diseases


With the Oxfarm AG Kits we have put together everything you would need to start up with drip irrigation. Based on our own experience and feedback from our customers we are confidant that these kits will help you to reduce your water consumption. The quantities are designed to suit popular sizes of drip irrigation layout, and this kit is based on a ‘button emitter’ layout. Kindly Note: Oxfarm have included some extra parts to provide you with increased flexibility.

Benefits of Oxfarm Drip Kits include:-

  •  Irrigation and fertigation of small plots up to 500 m2
  • Adequate for all crops, such as vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruit trees, and herbs
  • For open field or greenhouse installation * Drip Lines 500 m
  • Fully gravity-powered – no need for pump or power source
  • Full kit supplied in one box
  • Easy assembly and operation – no need for previous experience
  • Fully modular – can be easily disassembled and stored
  • Resistant materials for application of soluble fertilizers
  • Suits any plot shape within the size range
  • Special male/female take-off for easy lateral plugging when only partial irrigation is required * water tank / stand not include


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