Insect Nets

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KSh150.00 KSh120.00

Nets are the only method of 100% crop protection.

Using netting to protect your crops from bird predation, insects, or hail damage is the most effective and environmentally responsible method for reducing crop damage or loss.

Using crop protection netting will result in a huge return on your investment through increased crop yield and allowing fruit and berries to reach their optimum ripeness and sugar contents.

We sell our Insect nets to clients in squire meters. Our nets are 90%


3 reviews for Insect Nets

  1. Beatrice

    Hello…interested in nets for grapes…
    Whats the size that is going for kes.120?

    • Oxfarm (store manager)

      Hello Beatrice, 1m2 for ksh 120. How big is the area you want under insect net we compute its cost.

  2. Udochukwu

    My Name is Udochukwu from Nigeria.
    What is the unit price in US dollars and how can I get this product?

    • (store manager)

      Insect net @1 dollar per m2. for more info lets chat +254706222888

  3. Carol

    How can I get this product?
    Can I use the insect net for poultry farming?

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