Milk ATM machine


At Oxfarm, we have the best Milk ATM Machines in Kenya. Why Our Milk Dispensing Machines are:

  • Durable
  • Integrated with Digital Operation unit with easy to use user interface
  • Competitive Prices
  • Custom Sizes Available

They are of three different capacities!

1. 150 liters

2. 200 liters

3. 250 liters

4. 300 Liters


Selling milk through dispensing machines or ATMs is an innovative business that is quickly gaining currency in Kenya. It is a better way of selling milk since it is hygienic and environmental friendly and is approved by the Kenya Dairy Board.

There are many suppliers of milk ATMs in the market so you must be careful when acquiring one. However, Oxfarm ensures that you get the best dispensing machine. Look for machines that have unique but easy to use features, durable and are made of materials that correspond to universally accepted standards for the food industry. Quality milk dispensing machines are power-efficient, noiseless, made of quality materials that will preserve fresh milk flavour properties and have low operational costs. Other important features to look for are false coin identification system and milk carrying capacity.


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