A.I. Liquid Nitrogen Containers


A.I. Liquid Container

We have various sizes of these containers;

  • 1L A.I. Liquid Container – 26000
  • 2L A.I. Liquid Container – 33000
  • 3L A.I. Liquid Container
  • 20L A.I. Liquid Container
  • 30L A.I. Liquid Container
  • 50L A.I. Liquid Container narrow mouth
  • 50L A.I. Liquid Container wide mouth



Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks

They are storage containers for semen and embryos come in a number of designs. The most popular are liquid nitrogen storage tanks, vapor shippers, and even dual-purpose tanks that can provide both storage and a means for the shipping of semen. The tanks are essentially a large vacuum container with insulation inside the vacuum chamber, much like an oversized thermos.

The working parts are a lid, styrofoam cork, canisters, the inner chamber that holds the liquid nitrogen, and a “spider” to keep the canisters from moving around. The cork is generally 4-6 inches in length with grooves down the sides for the canister hangers. The cork is designed to fit loosely in the neck of the tank, allowing for the evaporating nitrogen gas to escape. If capped too tightly, the gas would build pressure in the tank and cause it to eventually explode.

Great caution should be practiced when handling a liquid nitrogen tank and its contents. It is good to get in the habit of wearing safety glasses for eye protection and clothing covering exposed body extremities such as legs, feet, arms, and hands when working in your nitrogen tank.


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