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With increasing demand of grape consumption whereby year 2016, the global consumption of fresh table grapes was estimated at 20.9 million tonnes, up from about 15.6 tonnes in 2009/2010. The idea of growing grapes in your orchard could be ideal.

Oxfarm Ag Ltd has made it easy for the farmers who want to invest in GRAPES Farming by using our vast experience to plant on behalf of the farmer. GRAPES farming is one of the best investment to make in this year.

Grape vines grow best in well-drained soil with pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Planting grapevines on trellises that run north and south on flat terrain allows for more absorbing sunlight. A spacing of 2m between the plants by 3m between the lines to a spacing of 3m by 6m is recommended depending also with the variety. As for us we do a spacing of 3m by 4m. Pruning and vine training must be done during the first few seasons. Grapevines typically produce fruits after the second year.

Kenya is considered one of the best places in the globe to grow grapes because of the cool climates. The warm days, cool nights, volcanic soils as well as moderate rainfall in most parts of the country provide the optimum conditions to grow quality grapes.

Most grapes in Kenya are produced in Meru, Naivasha, Mandera, Kibwezi and Mombasa.

Some of the grapes that grows well in Kenya.

  • Thompson seedless – self-fertile seedless white table grapes
  • Canadice, – which has seedless red grapes
  • Edelweiss – grapes are seeded with white juice
  • Muscat – produces blue, seeded, sweet grapes
  • Niagara – with yellowish-green grapes
  • Champanel – a seeded black grape often used for juicing
  • Delight – with seedless greenish-yellow grapes
  • Flame – with seedless red fruits
  • Crimson Seedless – with large, red grapes



  • Free consultancy (Normally we charge 5,000 but now its free)
  • Free hive ( Available for the first 100 acres to be booked save Ksh 6500)
  • 350 certified Fruit tree grapes seedlings. ( discounted at 15%)
  • Organic manure (earthlee) per holes (Equivalent to a bucket of normal manure). (Discounted at 50%)
  • Labor (measurement and digging of planting holes, mixing and soil treatment, planting) (discounted at 50%)
  • Market connection.
  • Life time free agronomy support.


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