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Why Every Fruit Farmer Should invest on hass avocado farming.

OxfarmAg Ltd has made it easy for the farmers who want to invest in the HASS AVOCADO Farming by offering our vast experience to plant on behalf of the farmer and providing certified seedlings.
Through our research, we have realized that most farmers do not have the knowledge and required experience to successfully farm hass avocado up to maturity and profit from them.
This has caused many farmers huge losses, and we are here to offer stairs and a good start in hass avocado orchard establishment.
Let us help you on the hard painful part of trial and error.
  • Free consultancy
  • 150 certified hass avocado seedlings
  • Soil treatment using, Organic manure (earthree) per hole (Equivalent to a bucket of normal manure).
  • Absorber KM per plant (Reduces irrigation frequency by 50%).
  • Labor (measurement and digging of planting holes, mixing and soil treatment, planting)
  • Guaranteed marketing of your fruits and market connection.
  • Life time partners in all maters of farming.


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What is required from the farmer?

  • Clearing of the farm for any weeds and bushes.
  • Paying the agreed amount on time.

Additional Cost

  • Transport cost; Ksh 20 per Km from Nairobi or Nyeri town whichever is convenient.
  • Farm preparation.
  • Payment is 80% of the package during booking + Transport and 20% to be paid on material day of planting

Other additional cost to consider

  • Field visits and consultation from agronomist.
  • Irrigation and its system.
  • Management of the farm


There is a huge demand of fruits as more people are becoming healthy conscious, There is increased population driving the demand of food higher, Due to numerous challenges while farming traditional crops like Maize and other cash crops like coffee and tea, the trend favors fruit tree farming. There is also a decline in major fruit producing countries in southern hemisphere like Mexico and South Africa due to climate change which is favoring countries in tropics like Kenya. Due to enhanced bilateral trade between Kenya and other countries like China and US the demand will continue to rise due to enhanced ease of doing business and exports.



  • Certified Fruit tree seedlings

We have Quality healthy seedlings Certified by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service – KEPHIS and we are registered by Horticultural Crop Directorate – HCD

We have discounted our seedlings at 20% for August 2019.

  • Organic components

EARTHLEE – Is an ultra-concentrated, extremely pure, naturally occurring 80% Humate powder which contains no traces of sodium or heavy metals. EARTHLEE supplies to crops the active ingredient of Organic Matter i.e. humus which is readily available in an easy to use and cost effective dry powder form.

EARTHLEE accomplishes the normal function of organic matter and there by reduces the need for bulk application of organic matter in the soil. Over time, EARHTLEE will enhance nutrient transfer; increase the Soil Cation Exchange Capacity, water-holding capacity and structure of the soil, as well as its aeration, tilth and workability.

Earthree saves the farmer huge cost of adding farm yard or compost manure which is bulky and more costly. The 20g of earthree is equivalent to a bucket of common manure per hole.


  • Absorber KM (Reduces irrigation frequency by 50%).

Absorber is a water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil or a substrate absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients. Unlike most products that become hydrated, Absorber has the property of easily releasing the absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing the plant to have water and nutrients available at will as a function of the absorption – release cycles.

We add 20g per hole for every plant. Absober saves on cost of irrigation, better fruit tree establishment and minimizes leaching of soil minerals and fertilizers.

Organix Limited


  • Labor

We expect the farmer to have prepared the land (i.e the land should be cleared of any bush and trees and ploughed). We come with our own labor to your farm; we have professionals who know how to carry out even biggest of the projects. The planting team will first start by measurement and digging of planting holes, mixing and soil treatment with organic materials, and later we plant the seedlings).

We also give agronomy advice with visits to our clients farms.


What Are The Expected Returns Of Hass Avocado

The least Forecaster returns for the first 10 years in a one acre land is as follows. Return for an acre with 150 trees. (prices of hass fruit range between ksh 10-25 in local market depending on size.


Note that:

We have calculated the prices of each fruit at a minimum price of Ksh 10 as of the local market, These prices can range between 10-30.

Hass avocado is a lifetime investment with the tree expected to live for more than 50 years. Let your land earn for you by investing 40,500 and we will do the work for you. Hass avocado market is growing each and every day and many investors including Kakuzi, sasini have planted acres and acres of Hass due to stability of the market.

Hass avocado is easy to manage and take care of since you only need to visit your farm during harvesting. Once you engage us in our package we will provide you with detailed information on the market, management practices, and what you can inter crop with and recover your investment within just five months.


Other Cost to be involved on the first year of establishment.




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