Hass Avocado Package

KSh48,000.00 KSh40,500.00

The package is inclusive of;

  • Free consultancy
  • Certified Fruit tree seedlings
  • Organic manure (earthlee) per holes (Equivalent to a bucket of normal manure).
  • Absorber KM per plant (Reduces irrigation frequency by 50%).
  • Labor (measurement and digging of planting holes, mixing and soil treatment, planting)
  • 150 certified hass avocado seedlings


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How we do it;

We visit the customer farm and do the following;

  1. Measure and assess the suitability of the farm proposed by the farmer to plant hass avocado.
  2. Prepare the land for planting on time by carrying out the measurement and digging of the holes, application of manure and later planting professionally.
  3. Provide high quality certified seedlings of hass avocados in good time with the quantity required for planting.

Advice entails.

  • Giving detailed information to the farmer on how to carry out necessary activities to the trees e.g.: pruning, irrigation if need be, and market connection etc.

5. Marketing connection.

Read about more on Hass Avocado farming Here


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