Heat management is very necessary for poultry farming. Bulb, heater or other heating equipment can be used to warm up the chicken cage. At Oxfarm we have several types of brooders, ranging from:

1. gas brooder,

2. electrical brooders,

3. Infra-red bulbs,

4. Reflectors/hoovers

5. Electrical heaters,


1. Charcoal stove / kerosene stove

  • These are used in places where electricity is not available or costly and where power failure is quite common.
  • These stoves are covered with plates or pans to sustain the heat in the brooding area.

2. Gas brooder

  • Natural gas, LPG or methane is connected to heating element which is hanged 3 to 5 feet above the chick to provide heat.
  • It is attached with canopy type reflectors to reflect the heat towards the chicks.

3. Electrical brooder

  • It is also thermostatically controlled heating system that spread required amount of heat uniformly above large area, this avoid crowding of chicks under brooder directly.
  • One electrical brooder can be used for 300 to 400 chicks.

4. Infra-red bulbs

  • It is a self reflecting bulb and hence no need of reflector over the bulbs.
  • 150 and 250 watt bulbs are available to provide sufficient heat to 150 and 250 chicks, respectively.  

5. Brooder guard / chick guard

  • These are thin sheets of metal, hard board, or bamboo mat of 1 to 1.5 feet height and varying in lengths.
  • They are used to restrict the movement of chicks, so that the chicks will be kept closer to the brooders and prevent them from chilling.
  • They are used to prevent chicks from straying too far away from heat supply until they learn the source of heat.
  • We have to provide brooder guard with a diameter of 5 feet, height of the brooder should not exceed 1.5 feet.
  • For this purpose, we can use materials like cardboard sheet, GI sheet, wire mesh, and mat etc. depending upon the season of brooding.
  • During warm season, brooding is done for 5-6 days. In cold season it is 2-3 weeks.

6. Electrical heaters (heating rods or coils)

  • This type of brooder is provided with heating elements and pilot lamps and in some cases thermometer is provided to record the temperature.
  • They used to have a reflecting device over the heating rods or coils.
  • The temperature can be adjusted depending on the requirement.


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