Poultry feeders and drinkers


At Oxfarm we have a wide selection of feeders from chick feeders to large range feeders and everything in between.

Finding the best way to feed your chickens is a something every chicken farmer must think about. Even if you choose to allow your chickens to free-range, they will still need the nutritional benefits of feed added to their diet. There are many options out there for chicken feeders and this can be confusing, especially if you are new to chicken farming.

Here are some of sizes and types of feeders and drinkers we have;

    • 8Ltrs Poultry Drinker
    •  6.5Ltrs Poultry Drinker
    • 4Ltrs Poultry Drinker
    • 3Kg Poultry Feeder
    • 1.5Kg Poultry Feeder





Having the right feeders can mean the difference between success and failure in your poultry or game bird operation. Making sure that all of your birds have access to the right amount of clean fresh feed is essential. Too few feed stations and aggressive birds can starve out more passive individuals. The wrong size feeder may make it difficult for birds to get at the feed. The wrong design for a situation can lead to waste or fouling of feed.

What to Consider When Choosing a Chicken Feeder?

  • Size of your flock
  • Age of your flock

The choice you make in purchasing a feeder requires careful consideration.




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