Apples trees seedlings

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Is it true that an apple a day may help keep the doctor away? Yes, it certainly is true. There are many health benefits from eating apples.

Apples prefer a slightly acidic to neutral soil (pH between 5.8 and 7.0). Extreme soil pH values result in nutrient tie-up or toxicity and poor tree and fruit development. It is important to amend the pH in acidic soils by incorporating lime before planting.

Apple trees come in numerous varieties and growth patterns. Some varieties will be more suitable to your area than others. However, bear in mind that for pollination to work you will require at least two varieties of apple tree in your orchard.

We have several varieties of apples in our nursery,

  • Winter banana,
  • Anna,
  • Top red,
  • Brae burn,
  • Fiji,
  • Golden dorset, and
  • Cripps lady.

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