Grafted Tree Tomato Seedlings

KSh150.00 KSh100.00

Tamarillo best known by the name tree-tomatoes in Kenya is a fast-growing tree that grows up to 5 meters. Peak production is reached after 1-3 years, and the life expectancy is about 12 years.

  • 1 Acre can be planted 1200 -1500 tree-tomatoes seedlings with a spacing of 5″ by 5″ or 6″ by 6″
  • 1 tree yields approximately 300-600 fruits per year or (this might change depending on growth factors)
  • Alternatively, 1 grafted tree-tomato yields between 20-50 kgs annual
  • 1 Grafted tree tomato seedling costs around Ksh 100
  • Sale of one fruit after maturity 5-10 kshs or one kg Ksh 70-150
  • We buy all the fruits from our customers

Reasons why we graft our tree tomato

  • Fast maturity of 9months to one year,
  • Resistant to nematodes,
  • Resistant to drought due to its tap root.
  • Firm and strong foundation in soil.

Oxfarm in Partnership with Tamarillo farm Mweiga.

Book for either grafted or un-grafted seedling we will deliver.

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