Hass Avocado Seedlings

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An avocado tree can grow successfully in a variety of soil types and in soil with acidic or alkaline pH levels, but the tree requires soil that has good drainage. It declines in poorly draining and saline soil. Although an avocado tree cannot tolerate wet soil, it needs at least 1 inch of water every week during periods of insufficient rainfall.

Not fertilizing the tree until it is 1 year old is recommended. Young trees need four applications of a balanced manure and older trees need twice-yearly applications of a high-nitrogen product applied in early December and late July.

We have certified Hass Avocado variety and Furte variety, An acre accommodate an average of 150 seedlings at a good spacing.

We also have a package of one acre, check here for details:

Earn more than 10 million per acre with 40k investment.

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