Macadamia seedlings

KSh500.00 KSh350.00

Despite macadamia nut tree being a money-making harvest, several farmers don’t receive most returns, attributable to errors of omission and commission.

A mature tree will produce between 80kg and 100kg of nuts, and according to Oxfarm, an acre of land will hold to 70 Macadamia trees. This could earn a farmer, going by the present government set minimal returns of Ksh70 per kilogram of nuts, up to Ksh 500,000 – 800,000 per acre if a farmer harvest 80Kg per tree, depending on farming practices and favorable climate.

We recommend a spacing of 5m by 10m. An acre can accommodate average of 75 seedlings. Dig a hole of 2ft by 2ft then add a bucket of manure. For seedlings we have several varieties in our seedbed.

Macadamia seedlings Varieties available in our seedbed

  • KMB-3
  • KRG-15
  • EMB-1
  • MRG-20

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