Tangerine seedlings

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About Tangerine farming,

  • Tangarines matures between 2-3 years.
  • An acre can occupy 200 seedlings with a spacing of 4 by 5m.
  • Profitability starts at around 5 years where each plant can produce more than 300 fruits.
  • A hole size of 2ft by 2ft by 2ft is established and manure (20kg) per hole is mixed with the top soil and then put in the hole.

Expected output per acre

A Mature Tangerine can produce a minimum of 300 fruits per year. The current price of each fruit at the farm gate is Ksh 5-20.This means you can get Sh 1500-6000 Per tree and with 200 trees per acre it can be a good source of income.

We have certified seedlings which are more than one feet long with delivery services country wide. Order or contact us for more information.



Tangerines grow well in areas that don’t have harsh winters and will produce an abundance of flavorful fruit every year with just a little bit of help. The fruit often ripens in the winter or early spring, making tangerines a popular winter snack and a traditional Christmas favorite in many homes. While a single tree can produce fruit on its own, planting more than one tangerine cultivar in an area can increase the yield of tangerines on all the trees.

Tangerines are relatively cold-tolerant, making them easier to grow than oranges, grapefruits and other types of citrus. Some varieties, such as the Citrus reticulata “Dancy,” are heat-tolerant and do best when summers are hot, but other types, including the Citrus reticulata “Sunburst,” do best when summers are on the cool side.

Citrus species can thrive in a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. Citrus is grown from sea level up to an altitude of 2100 m but for optimal growth a temperature range from 2° to 30° C is ideal. Long periods below 0°C are injurious to the trees and at -13° C growth diminishes. However, individual species and varieties decrease in susceptibility to low temperatures in the following sequence: grapefruit, sweet orange, mandarin, lemon/lime and trifoliate orange as most hardy.

Temperature plays an important role in the production of high quality fruit. Typical coloring of fruit takes place if night temperatures are about 14° C coupled with low humidity during ripening time. Exposure to strong winds and temperatures above 38° C may cause fruit drop, scarring and scorching of fruits. In the tropics, the high lands provide the best night weather for orange color and flavor.


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