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Should I quit my job and start farming?

In Kenya, farming is gaining momentum, and changing from a way of living to farming as a form of business. By now I am sure you have heard of success stories of people who either never looked for a formal job but started farming immediately or those who quit their day job and started farming as a carrier.  Thse stories have become so inspiring in today’s life and we all ask ourselves if we could do the same and become “them”.  Maybe is that salry or freedom that is making you think of quiting, well its not that easy, think, you could quit and never find such a job anywhere else and still fail in farming. However, you decide, be yourself, have that courage and take the risk.

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Take The First Step

If you have saved enough money and you know what you want to venture in, then why not take the risk? In farming you are your own boss and to tell you the truth the returns are good if you do the right thing. Imagine, the population is increasing day by day, that means people have to eat. It therefore means you only have to do a good research of what the market requires, your passion, land size, your areas’ climatic conditions and the capital you require. Once you have all this in place, my friend don’t hesitate, get your hands dirty and smile all the way to the bank.

On the other hand, if you haven’t done good research and don’t have enough money, please take time.  Farming is not a joke and you might lose a fortune if you are not ready both financially and mentally. There are so many uncertainties that happen in farming and therefore you must be prepared.

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Hire A Farm Manager

We also encourage those people with good paying jobs and can balance between farming and working to do so. Not everyone is supposed to quit his/her job to succeed in farming. You can hire a farm manager to manage things at your farm. You can be visiting your farm regularly to check on the progress of your farm. Here there is a challenge of mismanagement by your manager but you can attend training, workshops and pass the same knowledge to your farm manager.

Bold enough, take the risk, its worth!!