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Hass avocado that is gaining popularity due to huge market oversees

This is not lotto we are talking of guaranteed income to farmers. The trend is not good for farmers nowadays compared to previous years due to numerous reasons major ones being uncontrollable pests and diseases and also drought that have led to big losses. It might get even worse but we have good news for you, we will guide you on various plants to grow in your land that require little or no management which are drought resistant with ready market and an acre giving you a million very comfortably every year.



























One such plant is hass avocado that is gaining popularity due to huge market potential to European market. It does well in almost all areas of the country, its drought resistant, no frequent diseases and pest control, it’s a tree with numerous uses etc. The hass avocado tree can be harvested for the next more than 50 years and its yield continue to increase exponentially.

Oxfarm Organic Ltd did a sampled research from farmers last week in Muranga, Eldoret, Meru, Nakuru and Machakos and from them a 5 year old hass avocado tree yielded on average of Ksh 4000-7000 per year and with an acre able to accommodate 150 trees a farmer gets Ksh 600000 – 1million.

This income increases as the tree grows bigger where a farmer Mr Karanja at Kenol recorded an income of Ksh 25000 from a single tree of 19 years. We have made it simple for you to invest in your land,

We have a package of one acre that is going at Ksh 40000 that involve signing of a contract that include

  • Field visit and soil testing analysis,
  • Delivery of pure hass seedlings,
  • Preparation of planting holes,
  • Planting and monitoring for three months and
  • Connecting farmer to the market.


We also sell our hass seedlings at 150 each and we do delivery country wide. Visit our offices today for further details and book a visit to your farm. In Nairobi our offices are at Hermes House opp K.T.D.A Tom Mboya Street, Eldoret at Sham House opp Veecam house along Oloo Street and in Nyeri Next to Housing Finance along Kimathi Way.