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A starter guide on having a successful small poultry production unit

Farming in Kenya, and especially poultry is one of the most profitable ventures you would think off. The challenge however is how to start rearing chickens for money. One can decide to start small or go commercial. There are several ways of starting poultry farming in Kenya.

With the subdivisions of land in Kenya, crop farming is becoming hard by day. However, with the current demand of both eggs and chicken meat, poultry farming is becoming one of the best investments. Whether you will sell in your neighborhood or you will sell in large quantities in cities, with poultry you will never go wrong if you do it right.

The biggest challenge however, could be feeds, however, farmers are now conversant on new methods of feeding and how to make their own feeds.

Farmers carry out poultry farming for two purposes, one for own consumption and two for money. The best way after you have decided to embark on poultry farming is to visit successful farmers and learn a few things.

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Popular breeds of Chicken reared in Kenya

There are several breeds of chicken in Kenya. They have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what purpose they serve, either eggs or meat.  Before embarking on poultry farming, do your analysis and see which breed fits you best. Below are some of the breeds reared in Kenya.

Popular Chicken Breeds Kept in Kenya

Breed Rate of Laying Number of Eggs Egg Shell Color Weight at 5 Months (Average)
Kenchic Layers Best 250-280 Brown 1.5
KARI Improved Better 220-280 Tinted Brown 1.5
Kuroiler Good 140-150 Brown 2.5
Rainbow Rooster Good 180-200 Brown 2.5
Kenbro Good   Dark Brown 2.4
Indbro Bown Layers Best   Brown  
Kenchic Broilers Fair   Dark Brown  

Where to Purchase Chicks

As an upcoming farmer, always obtain your chicks from a certified government hatchery. If you have to buy from a local hatchery, ensure that your poultry producer have flock that are free from several serious diseases. One fact that we know for sure is that birds from commercial poultry producers that are certified by government are reasonably certain to be healthy. We are not saying that all hatcheries that are not certified by government sell unhealthy chicks but use your best judgement while dealing with such breeders.


Chicken cages in Kenya

There are various chicken cages in Kenya that will help you with your poultry project. If you are looking for chicken cages in Kenya for commercial poultry farming, then you need to adhere to some of the basics. The kind of the breed you will chose to keep will determine even the kind of housing needed for your chicken.

However, ventilation is a must and you need a house that is free from predators both small and big. Make sure the house is always clean. Have dry wood shavings on the floor and replace them regularly. It’s important that you have a chicken house that is easy to clean. One that you can collect eggs easily to avoid breakages in case you are having layers. There are  ready made cages and also you can build one yourself.  There are  ready made cages and also you can build one yourself.

Chicken feeds

The health of a chicken is determined by several factors but one major factor is what they feed on. Therefore, only buy feeds from certified dealers and companies. Even if you are rearing Kienyeji chicken, always ensure you use quality feeds that has all the supplements. Water is a major thing in ensuring your poultry farming is successful. Ensure there is always clean water. Ensure the store and where they feed from is always clean. Buy all Poultry Equipments here.