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How to achieve success in a given agribusiness venture

For a long time now agriculture, has been the major contributor of the economy. Of course there has been challenges and they are still there, but in the long run, those who have practiced agribusiness are making money and some have made it in life.

For those who are new in this field, agribusiness simply refers to those businesses that are associated with production, processing and sale of agricultural goods. Some people think like ancient people thought about farming; that it is a dirty job and meant for the less fortunate in the society.

According to Chris Kirubi, a well-established businessman in Kenya, “Agribusiness has the potential to do much more than we think but we are stuck in the mind frame that it is a dirty job and is for the unemployed. If at all that is how you think then I pity you.” Kirubi was quoted by Capital FM saying that he is puzzled by young people who complain day in day out about unemployment, while the opportunities in agricultural sector are massive and untapped.

For those who have taken the risk and have taken the first steps in the business, they can attest that agribusiness is the way to go. Being stuck in the mind frame that it is a dirty job and is for the unemployed is the greatest undoing of our time. For those willing to make their hands dirty and venture in agribusiness, there are a number of things you can do to make your dreams true.

How to succeed in Agribusiness

Below are few things that you can do become a successful person in the world of agribusiness.

·         Idea

Most people fail in the world of agribusiness because they lack ideas on what they want to do. It is crucial for a farmer to learn the trends and combine that with hard work and passion. A clever farmer works and produces when the rest are resting. Ensure you do research and come up with the best idea.

·         Capital

The field of agribusiness is mostly taken by young people of our nation and the greatest challenges that face them is starting capital. Someone will tell you they have not amassed enough money to buy a green house or start poultry farming or grow tomatoes. However, with an idea and passion, you can do great things. It is a misconception that has been there for a long time that for you to become successful in agribusiness you need huge amount of money.

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·         Market

A clever farmer conducts market research before embarking on agribusiness. Knowing the market where your products will go is yet another milestone in agri-business. Whether you are a middleman or a retailer, you need to establish the right market for you to be able to make it.

·         Information on agri-business

Having the right information at hand before you embark on a project will certainly help you do it smoothly and reduce the risks that come with trying something you completely don’t understand. It is advisable for one to do a clear research, for instance on the crops they want to grow or the animals they want to keep. If possible, one needs to seek the advice of agronomists around the area so that they can advise on crops to grow in certain areas, know the soil PH and the conditions of the area.

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·         Determination and patience

Patience in farming or agribusiness is a virtue that any willing farmer should have. As a farmer you need, to be extra patient and determined so as to achieve your goals. People fail in this field because they lose hope if they do not make profits as they would have wanted and end up quitting. In Farming, risks are many and failing the first time doesn’t mean you will keep on failing. It only means that one should keep on fighting and making the right decisions.


Hass avocado at Mkulima Wa Nyeri Farm

Kirubi says that its time we stop being narrow-minded and look at the agribusiness sector as a lucrative one. “We come from the lineage of subsistence farmers who would provide fully for their families. It is the profits from this produce that educated your parents or grandparents and if it were not for them, you would not be where you are today”, says Kirubi.

He also adds that we should stop blaming the government, education system or society for turning its back on agriculture.

“Young people wake up! We have beautiful land and great climate and even though some areas are arid, we can source for water or harvest rain water. But let us use the land to generate great produce that will grow the economy of this nation and benefit the people. We are also in need of scholars who will look for innovative ways to deal with some of the challenges that are encountered and improve the methods of farming”

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If at the end of the day we need a better Kenya, we all must come together and do something about it.


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