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This is an orange colored citrus fruit that is closely related to, or possibly a type of mandarin orange. They are smaller and less rounded than common oranges. The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange.


Tangerines are relatively cold-tolerant making them easier to grow than oranges, grape fruits and other types of citrus. They require moist, well drained soil and will use lots of water as the fruit develops, but over watering can actually kill the tree by drawing the roots or promoting rot. A pit of 6.0- 7.5 is recommended.


Tangarines matures between 2-3 years. An acre can occupy 200 seedlings with a spacing of 4 by 5m.Profitability starts at around 5 years where each plant can produce more than 300 fruits. A hole size of 2ft by 2ft by 2ft is established and manure (20kg) per hole is mixed with the top soil and then put in the hole .Planting  is done and watering should be done at least twice a day in the initial stages of planting.

Cost analysis for one acre

If you are interested in establishing a tangerine Orchard we have made it very easy for you with only 50,000 oxfarm”s Package, you will only have to produce the land, we produce the seedlings and do the planting at your comfort. For those who are doing less than an acre we have certified seedlings at sh 150 each.

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Expected output per acre

A Mature Tangerine can produce a minimum of 300 fruits per year. The current price of each fruit at the farm gate is Ksh 5- 20.This means you can get Sh 1500-6000 Per tree and with 200 trees per acre you are good for a start.