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First New year Farm Tour – Mr Njoroge Dairy Farm in Nyeri 9th Feb

Dairy cows Mr Njoroge farm Nyeri

What it takes to produce 12000 Litres of milk per Cow in a year.

According to a dairy expert in Israel Ephraim Martz to produce all that milk it’s all involve making a cow happy, happy farmer. This is through understanding the physiology of the cow. In Kenya we may not have that advanced technology like in Israel that can enable us know the physiology of the cow at a given time but we can learn from experts of dairy.

We have the best farmer in Nyeri Mr Njoroge who has this knowledge and he is able to produce above the expectation of many by making millions from his farm of 1.6 acres with 20cows 11 being mature with the highest producing on average 47 liters daily.

When Team Farm Expose Visited his farm he said that “Passion is what made me to succeed in this dairy farming” he continued to narrate to us remembering those humble years that he was just starting his dairy farm empire. He had no experience, no knowledge and he was just like many farmers. He has been crowned as the best farmer. According to him it’s all about management that has enabled him to achieve his level of success.

The management is what we describe as knowing the physiology of a cow by determining when energy level are down and what to do. After calving down the energy levels of a cow goes down and it’s at this critical time to know how to boost your feed to match what’s needed in their body.

He makes his own feeds and most comes from the crops he grows at his farms comprising of silage 70% energy, proteins from sweet potatoes vines 18%, vitamin, roughages, and water.

Some of things that you should know from Mr Njoroge as a dairy farmer:

  • He serves his calf 9 months after birth.
  • He introduces hay or roughages to the newly calf only 3 days after birth.
  • His cow’s calves once every year
  • He serves his cows 45 days after calving.
  • He makes yoghurt from his milk and sells the remaining in his milk bar.
  • He also sells heifers at 200000

Other farming techniques that you will get to learn from his farm.

  • Dairy farming as a business
  • Animal health & disease control especially mastitis
  • Calf rearing/young stock management
  • Feeds formulation/feeding management (TMR system)
  • Silage Making
  • Groupings and requirements
  • Cow comfort and efficiency
  • Herd management
  • Value addition
  • Youth & agribusiness
  • Challenges


We will visit this farm on February 9th 2019 on Saturday. Book now

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Charges per head 2,800/=

Inclusive of transport from Nairobi, writing materials and meals.



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Farm Expose in Nyeri county.

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