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How to make your custard apple farming agribusiness more profitable

Custard apple farming is a highly profitable agribusiness and an excellent way to supplement your income. It is attracting the attention of farmers in different parts of the country who are switching from traditional crops to high-value fruits. With a high demand, ready market, and premium prices locally and internationally, custard apple farming is what you should invest in. Here are tips that can help you earn more revenue from custard apple agribusiness.

Plant the right varieties

Various varieties flourish in Kenya, which include:

  • Hybrid
  • Washington
  • Balanagar
  • Red Sitaphal

Embrace proper orchard management practices

Custard apples flourish in areas with moderate temperatures, well-drained soils, and well-distributed rainfall. However, they can be grown under irrigation in drier areas.

They should be planted at a spacing of 4m by 4m or 6m by 6m. The planting holes should have a diameter of 60cm by 60cm and a depth of 60cm. To improve soil fertility, mix the topsoil with well-decomposed manure.

After planting, the trees grow vigorously and need to be irrigated regularly. Fertilizers and manures should be applied at intervals to enhance plant growth. Employ effective pest and disease control strategies to maintain plant health. Custard apples are susceptible to diseases such as leaf spot, root rot, anthracnose, and Blackstone. They are attacked by pests such as aphids, spider mites, thrips, and fruit borers.

Employ proper harvesting and post-harvesting practices

Immature custard apple fruits do not ripen. ThisThis means that they should be harvested once they are fully mature. The productivity of the plants varies depending on the ecological conditions and the farm management practices employed. Farmers can either put the fruits under cold temperatures or process them into other products to prolong the shelf life. However, refrigerating the fruits makes them lose their attractiveness and aroma.

Invest in value addition

Value addition is a great way to squeeze extra cash out of your investments. Custard apple is a wonderful fruit with many health benefits and a high nutritional value. They can be processed into jelly, jam, juice, and squash and also added to ice cream.

Proper marketing and output

Custard apple plants can be highly productive, with a mature tree producing an average of 100 fruit weighing between 300 – 400 grams. This translates into 30 to 40kg per tree. In the local market, the price per kilo ranges from Ksh 80 to Ksh 130 per kilo during the offseason. A farmer with an acre containing 300 plants can earn between Ksh 720,000 to Ks 1,170,000. Isn’t this a good amount?

The fruits have a high demand in both the local and export markets. Before understanding the dynamics of the export markets, farmers should try to target the local market. They can sell their produce in open-air markets, supermarkets, groceries, and food parlors in different parts of the country.

Where to get the best fruit seedlings

Seeds have the potential to produce excellent crops and are therefore very important for making money. OxfarmAg offers high-quality custard apple seedlings at competitive prices. We also offer a fruit growing package to help you kick start your custard apple agribusiness. The package contains free consultancy, 200 seedlings at an affordable price, organic manure (earthlee), labor, market connection, and lifetime agronomy support.

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