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Benefit of Social Media in Agribusiness

Role of Social Media

In today’s business, social media has proven to be a very useful tool for many businesses. It is is a tool for connecting several businesses and people with their customers, telling stories to evoke emotional responses and providing information.

It’s a powerful tool used to create awareness and share information. The importance of this is that it is used by many people to make major decisions in daily basis.

Nowadays, people decide what they would wear, who to associate with, who to celebrate, what to eat and places to go just from the information they get on social media. Since people make the most basic and sometimes, the most important decisions based on the information they get from social media, it becomes a powerful channel for companies to market their products and services.

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Some social media channels that agriculturists can sign up on include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin

If you are in agribusiness, you can benefit from in the following ways:


Are you trying to make a positive change in agribusiness? Well, social media is like wildfire. Social media is the fastest way to get your word out. Virality is built right into it because each time someone sees and likes your message, they share it with their fans and followers.

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Normally, people would get news from mainstream media, but that is not the case nowadays. There has been a great shift from TV/radio to social media where people share news and make it more interesting and engaging. Also, sharing a news or any news on social media is free, and can be published for thousands to read at the click of a button. To get that same news out on TV/Radio, you will need to pass through a lot of bureaucracies and at the end of the day, someone might decide your news/ideas is not worth sharing.

It will provide farmers access to better farm education

with social media, there will always be an opportunity to learn something new or find out new information.

Peer-to-peer communication

Farmers now create WhatsApp group where they communicate with each other and share ideas. For example, farmers can share a post like ‘strategies to raise healthy poultry,’ by posting a link on WhatsApp group.

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Social Media as a Marketing tool

It is a wonderful tool to get new audiences that you can market your product and services to. One can share marketing message on Facebook groups, WhatsApp group, Instagram and twitter chats. Social media is responsible for millions of sales for people’s businesses and you can start taking advantage of it for your own business.

Social media is an operative tool for agribusiness and farmers can take advantage of the many benefits that it has to offer.