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Dairy farm tour and training on 10th Aug 2019 – Kefa Garden


Any farmer interested in dairy farming and animal rearing should join us as we hold our agro-tourism in one of biggest and profitable dairy farm in Kenya. Agritourism is about touring farms where small scale farmers and largescale farmers are getting it right.

This August we have organized a visit to Kefa Farm situated in Makuyu Muranga County. Many are a times, that we as farmers have “tried” dairy farming without the right knowledge or information of what we are supposed to do to make the best returns. Almost every home in in rural area in Kenya owns a cow, but how much does it give you? Are you a slave of your own cow?

Many will concur with me that most of the times we feed these cows and get almost nothing out of them. A time has come when we no longer have to view owning cows as a source of prestige and respect but make money out of them.

Therefore, Farm expose in conjunction with Oxfarm team and Farmers Trends have decided to treat our farmers with the best tour of the year. Interested people are required to pay 2500 before 9th August 2019. However, those with their own means of transport are required to pay at the gate.

This Agritour day comes with a treat of Lunch, writing materials, farming brochures and many more. Interested parties are required to be in Nairobi town on or before 7:30 am on the material day. Those who will be training us have a lot lined for us and they have a request to the interested people to be at the farm before 9:00 because they intend to start early and finish early.



Kimani, a farmer and one of the directors, of Kefa Farm which is like any other farm you can simply pass while not noticing it because it lies in good harmony with the other farms dry, somewhat abandoned. However, this farm produces more than 1400 liters of milk daily. He owns more than 200 zero–grazed cows where 60 are lactating some produce between thirty five and forty five liters daily.

The farm is situated on a slope ideal for waste disposal and conjointly sells heifers and carries out embryo transfers. It has gained name as a supply of pedigree cows and a ground for coaching farmers on dairy farm management. Situated during a semi–arid space of Makuyu in Murang’a County wherever temperatures average 21.7°C and receives 836mm of downfall annually, the farm is showing new opportunities within the preponderantly rain–fed agricultural zone. Kimani credits its existence to the 2007/2008 post-election turmoil that saw several displaced individuals settled within the region pushing up demand for milk.

Then the farm was solely with one cow and an employee. The steady rise in demand for milk created Maine devise ways that boosted the farm. Kimani notes that he spent KSh 90,000 on building a cow barn for 5 animals and acquired 2 Holstein cows at KSh 40,000 each. Since then, he has never looked back.

His heard grew to eighty-two in 2014, however he had to cut back the quantity to sixty-four because of restricted house and deficiency of feeds. The farm sank its own borehole and expanded by getting an added adjacent acre and another four acres wherever heifers are bred. He conjointly leases alternative farms to grow fodder.

Kimani improved his skills in animal care, health and farm management by attending agricultural trainings, visiting alternative farms, researching and came up with a program to develop the abilities of his ten employees.

The farm has four departments every headed by completely different persons. These are stores, sales, production and milking. Every head features a full mandate to rent casuals and build alternative choices. They report daily to Kimani by filing updates to a central system wherever all managers will access the knowledge. For example, the shop head will caution close at hand shortage of feeds or the milking head will send alert on an exact animal noted for declining production.

The animals are hosted on half-acre, with the cowsheds divided into sections that embrace steamers, milking, maternity and calves of between zero and 3 months and another for winnowers aged six months. The winnowers are taken away of the most farm to a different within the neighborhood wherever patrons simply access them. At the so much finish is associate degree isolation section for the sick animals.

He conjointly follows up his callers and people who visit his farm permitting them to consult him frequently. Kenyans not got to mystify dairying by attending to Israel for lessons. Israel is here at Kefa Farm


NOTE: “Seeing is believing” We could tell you more but we know that you are eager to come and share your views with us as we all learn on how to become better dairy, chicken and pig farmers. Tell a friend to tell a friend.



Expect to learn on the following
  • Production and herd structure
  • Animal health
  • Calf rearing/young stock management
  • Feeds/feeding management (TMR system)
  • Groupings and requirements
  • New Cow Barns ( for cow comfort and efficiency)
  • Herd management software (UNFORM AGR)
  • Adoption of technology
  • Socio-economic management
  • Challenges

Event date: 10th August 2019


  • 2,500/= Inclusive of transport, Lunch and writing materials.
  • Payable to Farmer Trend mpesa till number 201677
  • send confirmation to 0706222888





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6th Mushroom Training – Bannie-El Mushroom Farm in Limuru – 24th November 2018

Mushroom-Farming-Business. kenya

To learn more on Mushroom farming we have organized the 6th mushroom training and farm tour at  Bannie-El Mushroom Farm in Limuru.

In broad, the mushroom training will cover the below details:-

  • Cost of production
  • Structure design
  • Preparing compost
  • Substrate preparation and mixing ratios
  • Sterilization/pasteurization (decontamination) of substrate
  • Inoculation (spawning) and conditions
  • Incubation
  • Maintaining conditions
  • Soil casing
  • Management
  • Fruiting process
  • Harvesting
  • Storage
  • Marketing
  • Challenges in production and marketing
  • Cooking preparation recipe


  • 3,000/= Exclusive of transport
  • Payable to Farmer Trend mpesa till number 201677

check more about the farm HERE

CONTACTS: 0790-509684