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Ever thought that fruit farming can be your solution to land utilization?

Farming contributes heavily in the national Growth Domestic Product (GDP) however that is mostly the crops that were grown back in the day. The uptake of fruit tree seedlings has been on the rise and it is more promising than any other type of farming because not only does the farmer get to earn well but also the government also earns from foreign exchange.

In the upcountry regions where you will find land that is enough to host a family and also has a place where one can farm, you find most of us have livestock in our compounds, which is so good.  That livestock is sometimes the source of income to the entire family, have you ever asked yourself how much you would make if you were to add something extra to your farm?

Think about this, where do you take your cow dung? Chicken dropping? Goat droppings? Do you normally use all of it? And again do you get the best from the maize and potatoes that we plant in most occasions? Of late we have seen an acre producing 3 bags of maize which if you compare the work that you have done versus the returns, it does not add up.

Why would a farmer consider shifting from the normal vegetables and the traditional food farming and venture in fruit farming? In most cases we normally consume imported foods because the cost of production is very high so we end up planting what is enough for us alone. But with fruit farming the market is insatiable both locally and internationally.

Majority of fruit farmers have to buy basic commodities such as manure so that they are able organically feed their fruit trees, but in this case whereby you have goats, cattle and probably chicken, you are advantaged because you will be converting your waste into use, this will lead you to minimizing your expenditure and therefore your fruit farming will be a huge profit as your cost of production is very low, because majority of this fruit trees require occasional top dressing with manure from time to time. When you go to sell your produce with another farmer who doesn’t practice the dairy/goat/poultry kind of farming, you will make more money despite selling your produce at the same time because you will have not incurred costs purchasing the basic organic produce and you will have it in plenty so your produce will also be healthier meaning you can even sell more than any other farmers because you have quality fruits.

Just like any other business, for one to succeed they must do their math well, a good produce is as a result of a good source and good management practices and just as the saying goes, there is a time to saw and a time to harvest. It is very crucial to understand seasons and do what is necessary to be done during that particular season.

OxfarmAg Limited thrives in helping farmers establish fruit tree orchards so that they can achieve their desired harvest.