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Current state of hass avocado farming in African Kenya and Africa


Hass Avocado could be a universal fruit that thrives in most climatic zone climes and therefore the temperate belt of the planet. The angular distance demarcations for the foremost varieties area unit between 450 “N and 600” S. This includes most of Pacific America, South-east Asia and continental Africa where Africa Hass Avocados find their way thanks to numerous world markets for various functions.

Africa Hass Avocado Varieties

Kenyan Hass Avocado Varieties area some of the best within the world as Africa continent vaunts many the best varieties. Here are most Africa Avocado Varieties each in African nation and African country.

  • Hass-a thick variation (Kenya, SA).
  • Fuerte-a hybrid selection (Kenya)
  • Nabal, Puebla-both terribly inexperienced variations (Kenya).

The Hass Avocado sort develops quick, not solely in African nation however in its original home of California. Its fruition amount is characterized by immense, succulent turn out.

Kenyan Hass Avocados Area Unit Thought of The World’s Finest

Africa Hass Avocado exporters ride on the fineness of the African Hass Avocado by world standards because of it’s a mixture of native and international varieties. As an example, before the Central American country variations saw the sunshine in African nations (1904), there were already small-scale native trees that later evoked a master selection through affixation. Secondly, the tree is ideally a warm-climate flora, and considering most of tropical African nation is sunny, and has dry soils with correct evacuation, the fruit comes in sensible yield and style. Thirdly, because the African nation case illustrates, the mixture of growth highlands of between a hundred and fifty and 2100 meters, as well as, between water level and 800 meters altitude, diversifies the standard.

As with the remainder of the world, Hass Avocado seasons fall under the higher chunk of the year. starting spring (early March) to late season (November), the crop espouses extended harvest seasons after we have the very best offer for many Africa Hass Avocado commerce corporations. In African country, the subsequent varieties bear harvest within the months in brackets:

  • Fuerte (March to July)
  • Hass (May to Gregorian calendar month
  • Edranol (May to July)
  • Rayan (July to August)

Major Markets that Import Kenyan Hass Avocados

Kenya and African country lead the pack among the African states that barrage the worldwide market with their turn out. The only most vital market is that the EU of that France is that the leading country among those who purchase African nation Hass Avocados, African country and therefore the remainder of the countries. In 2010, African nation exported 14101 Mega Tons whereas SA accounted for the second biggest export, after Peru, of 56282 Mega Tons that visited the EU. Europe amounts into the largest market in the main because of its outside the angular distance scope of best climes for growing Hass Avocado.

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State of the planet marketplace for the Hass Avocados from African nation

Though United Mexican States and South American country still control with the EU and Britain markets, Africa has shown a lot of improvement within the last four years in its hold of the planet market. Kenya, as an example, saw nineteen p.c of its Hass Avocado fruit endure sale within the UK within the last four years season whereas virtually the remainder, 79 percent, visited the Eurozone. Considering that in production levels the country doesn’t rank beside the leading world producers in geographical area and South-East Asia, the fact that it had been among the highest 5 exporters in early years reflects the demand for the really African crop.

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Hass avocado that is gaining popularity due to huge market oversees

This is not lotto we are talking of guaranteed income to farmers. The trend is not good for farmers nowadays compared to previous years due to numerous reasons major ones being uncontrollable pests and diseases and also drought that have led to big losses. It might get even worse but we have good news for you, we will guide you on various plants to grow in your land that require little or no management which are drought resistant with ready market and an acre giving you a million very comfortably every year.



























One such plant is hass avocado that is gaining popularity due to huge market potential to European market. It does well in almost all areas of the country, its drought resistant, no frequent diseases and pest control, it’s a tree with numerous uses etc. The hass avocado tree can be harvested for the next more than 50 years and its yield continue to increase exponentially.

Oxfarm Organic Ltd did a sampled research from farmers last week in Muranga, Eldoret, Meru, Nakuru and Machakos and from them a 5 year old hass avocado tree yielded on average of Ksh 4000-7000 per year and with an acre able to accommodate 150 trees a farmer gets Ksh 600000 – 1million.

This income increases as the tree grows bigger where a farmer Mr Karanja at Kenol recorded an income of Ksh 25000 from a single tree of 19 years. We have made it simple for you to invest in your land,

We have a package of one acre that is going at Ksh 40000 that involve signing of a contract that include

  • Field visit and soil testing analysis,
  • Delivery of pure hass seedlings,
  • Preparation of planting holes,
  • Planting and monitoring for three months and
  • Connecting farmer to the market.


We also sell our hass seedlings at 150 each and we do delivery country wide. Visit our offices today for further details and book a visit to your farm. In Nairobi our offices are at Hermes House opp K.T.D.A Tom Mboya Street, Eldoret at Sham House opp Veecam house along Oloo Street and in Nyeri Next to Housing Finance along Kimathi Way.