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Why you shouldn’t Worry about hass avocado Market

Hass avocado, the once an abundance fruit is slowly turning into a luxurious item. Would you have one day thought that an avocado could one day be so in fashion? What is affecting the fruit and making it so luxurious?

The truth is that even the already high prices are likely to spike. As of now, the prices are a record high and there seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel to the farmers. This is indeed something that has gotten most foodies worried. To purchase an avocado today you must pay twice of the thrice of what was the cost some months ago.

A few months ago in USA, there has been an uproar, particularly on the social media by hipster complaining about the scarcity and the high prices that the fruit has attracted. As usual, some may be arguing from the point of ignorance and coming up with many theories to explain their situations. With the launch of direct flights from Kenya to USA, hass avocado farming can only go higher.

One thing we must all agree is that the scarcity and high prices have everything with market forces. We know that high demand attracts high prices. This is what has been happening world over. There has been no withholding of the product, but the supply has gone extremely low from last years. From the economist perspective, there is nothing unusual about the current state of the hass avocado market. The situation is being informed by the various forces in the market. In fact, a close look at the situation shows that there have been two almost equal forces affecting this niche and thus the acute shortage and spike in price. These forces are the dwindling production and bulging consumers market.

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Decreasing Production of Hass Avocados in South American Countries

Let us take a look at the supply end and establish how it could have contributed to the current state. There are several factors that we can identify from the supply that has contributed to the shortage the market is experiencing. According to the release records, the production of the avocado in South America nations has been adversely affected by various factors since 2016. Countries such as Mexico which supplies almost a half of the international market had a very bad season from last years. Other countries such as Chile, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic and the United States among others also posted poor harvest.

Climate change can be said to have affected the production of the fruits. The extended droughts in some of the most productive parts of the world are causing a sharp decline in production. It is important to note that export from Mexico dropped by half last year according to Hass Avocado Board. Another factor that is contributing to the reduced supply is the number of farmers moving away from the crop. This is due to the high production costs. One of the key problems has been the amount of water that the avocado plant requires to bear fruit in a season.

Why not take this advantage as Kenyans and produce more hass avocados?

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Bulging Consumption Market of Hass Avocado

For over time now, the consumption market of hass avocado has been expanding at a very high rate. The fact that hass avocado can be used in many ways has made it very popular among larger population.  Apart from being a fruit, hass avocado has also been established to possess high medicinal value. These are just some of the factors that have contributed to its market expansion. Among the latest entrance into the avocado consumption market is China.

The entrance of Chinese in the consumption is believed to have destabilized the Europeans and the American markets. With its sheer size of the middle-class population, the demand for the avocado has shot to the roof. Note that Chinese middle class is more than 100 million and they’re the main consumer of avocado. What’s more interesting the price at which the item is selling in the Chinese market. It has been established that Chinese middle class is willing to pay more for the product. This demand can be explained by the increase in export to China by various countries such as Kenya. In short, China is a new and huge market that is opening up while the production of the item is stagnating or dwindling in major producing countries.

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Although China is thinking of producing their own avocado, Kenya stands a better chance due to its good climatic conditions. We should all take this advantage and plant more hass avocados. The market is there, let no body lie to you that it’s a scheme. Avocado is a fruit that is so loved both locally and abroad.


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Hass avocado is the overall super fruit within the World


Kenyans have this habit of going to the restaurants associated automatically ordering their dish accompanied with a Hass Avocado. It does not matter what it’s — if it options that delicious raw fruit, likelihood is it’s going straight into their belly. Hass Avocados may be paired with nearly any food, and it’s socially acceptable to chow down on one at any time of day.

But their rich taste is not the solely reason their quality has been slowly escalating for the past few years. The Hass Avocado has step by step evolved into a front, with scores of fans across the world. The super fruit has become associate overall super fruit.

Hass Avocados Contain Healthy Fats

Yes, there are some styles of fats you truly ought to be feeding if you wish to remain healthy. although it doesn’t sound harmful, Hass Avocados contain monounsaturated fat, a “good fat” that may truly lower high sterol and cut back the danger for cardiovascular disease. This kind of fat is usually recommended over saturated fats. And if that is not enough, Hass Avocados additionally contain sixty percent additional Potassium than bananas, the same old go-to fruit for the solution.

You Can Grow Your Own Hass Avocado

Our previous blogs have shown lists in small stages directions for growing your own Hass Avocado plant, and everyone you wish to begin is by a seed. However, if you are super curious about the project, you’ll be able to contact Oxfarm Organic Ltd and that we can assist you accomplish a better success rate. Hass Avocados have up to be one in all the foremost standard fruits within the world.

According to analysis Hass Avocado consumption within the world has steady climbed throughout the last decade. The analysis notes that once restaurants use the fruit as a selling strategy, their traffic will increase. Back in 2012 once the Hass Avocado unfolds became a Subway staple, the lines for the sandwiches quickly became longer in America.

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Hass Avocado Makes Your Skin Soft

You’ll be able to rub them on your face and it will not be weird. If you’ll be able to resist chowing down long enough to create yourself associate Hass Avocado mask, you’ll finish up with softer, power tool skin. Hass Avocados contain natural oils that may hydrate and soften skin. They additionally contain lots of tocopherol, associate anti-inflammatory drug agent that penetrates layers of skin and protects against ultraviolet radiation harm. Hass Avocado would be a pleasant overall quite hydrating, healthy gently exfoliating quite mask.

According to Live Science, Hass Avocados contain associate assortment of essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to keeping many organs healthy. Additionally, to lowering sterol and regulation glucose, the fruit has anti-inflammatory drug properties associated an inhibitor related to regulation system health. Moms-to-be are counseled to feature the Hass Avocado to their diet to assist preventing birth defects, and therefore the article even notes that Hass Avocados are shown to cut back some cancers.

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Contact Oxfarm Organic for these and other seedlings.


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Kenya is known to support its budget through agriculture majoring on exports of tea, coffee, flowers. However, Hass avocado is now getting a lot of attention. Kenya is in an ideal location for Avocado production since it’s in subtropical climates and avocados do well in such conditions.

South Africa and Kenya are major exporters of Avocados in Africa, with hass, fuerte, and pinkerton varieties. There is a countless potential for hass avocado production in Kenya due to its climatic conditions especially in central Kenya, upper eastern and rift-valley areas. Most avocado farms are near Nairobi, where packing factories are located for export.

Main avocado seasons for the Kenyan avocados is march to September but the fuerte one starts as early as February while the Hass is normally available from May. Nonetheless, due to the difference in climatic conditions and different avocado growing zones in Kenya, there are fruits throughout the year although in smaller quantities which are mainly sold locally.

Also, Kenya enjoys a competitive advantage over other exporting nations mainly because the hass avocado variety harvesting period extends later in the year than Peru’s, thereby granting Kenya a window of opportunity in the global market. Hass avocados from Kenya sell in European markets at roughly three times their domestic price, making the export options extremely very attractive.


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More than 115,000 metric tons of avocado are produced in Kenya annually, where 70% are normally grown by small-scale farmers. Sometimes back, most avocados were traded locally, however, this trend has tremendously changed over time where now over three quarters of the produced avocados is exported overseas.

This drastic change can be attributed to technological advancements called `reefer` introduced by Maersk lines has made it possible to transport Kenyan avocados beyond the middle east to Europe markets.

Most farmers who grow Avocado are commonly found in Muranga, Kiambu, Nyeri, Kisii, Meru as well as Mt. Kenya regions. Over the years, Kenya has seen a sharp increase in the number of counties interested in Kenyan Avocados, and these countries are, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Egypt, Spain, Iran, Libya and many more. Leading exporters from Kenya include Mt. Kenya Avocado Farms.

The nutritional benefits of avocado are another boosting factor to its demand. All over the world people knows about its benefits and the wide variety of its uses. Guacamole food, with avocado as its main ingredient is very popular especially in America, greatly increases avocado consumption and importation.

Muranga county government through its Governor Mwangi Wa-Iria has started an initiative of encouraging its residents to embrace farming of hass avocados as a way of eradicating poverty as well as boosting their health. The national government of Kenya has also initiated programs that help in boosting the avocado industry to fully comply with the global requirements. Bodies like KEPHIS are actively involved in monitoring as well as educating farmers and exporters. In addition, other county governments are also helping farmers get good market rather than struggle with brokers who offer them low prices.

As you read this article today, more and more farmers are compelled to start growing Grafted hass avocados, which will triple the country’s production rates for exportation. The sky is not the limit for our esteemed farmers. The future belongs to you farmer who is willing to make your hand dirty!