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The benefits of certified fruit seedlings

The initial cost of buying certified fruit seedlings can discourage many farmers. Farm generated fruit seedlings is usually a lot cheaper than purchasing seedlings from an external source. So if a farmer’s primary concern is about cost per unit of farm-saved seedlings versus cost per unit of certified seedlings, the equation is simple. Farmers may even say “we’ve always used farm-saved fruit seedlings.” Why invest in something new? But farmers who think a little more recognize that it’s not enough to merely consider the price difference. Farm fruit seedlings requires proper quality testing, cleaning and even treating. Taking these factors into account, the cost savings aren’t quite as attractive. In fact, certified fruit seedlings is a very different product from farm fruit seedlings, and it offers unmatched benefits.

Ask farmers who rely on certified fruit seedlings what the most important benefits are, and they’ll say the quality and stability of their yields. For decades, seedlings companies like Oxfarm Organic Ltd have been investing in improving seeds through smart breeding, grafting and trait technology. Traits are the genetic characteristics that help crops grow to their full potential, thrive in different environments, defend themselves against insects, nematodes and diseases, and withstand all that nature may throw at them. Thanks to the research and development that has gone into fruit seedlings development and new genetics, certified seedlings holds improved traits such as better quality and quantity of yields, pest resistance and drought tolerance. The genetic purity and assured quality of certified fruit seedlings reduce the risk of adverse climate conditions, pests or diseases that can reduce the next season’s yields.

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The Benefits of Certified Fruit Seedlings

Certified seedling is clean. It’s grown and processed under the strictest possible production conditions to minimize the risk of infiltration by weeds or other undesirable plants. Certified seedlings also give a farmer pure variety. Strict quality management systems are employed to maximize purity and ensure a farmer receives the specific variety he wants. Another advantage these quality management systems offer is traceability. With food safety and traceability becoming increasingly important criteria in agriculture, farmers growing crops from certified seedlings can be sure of its origins.

The advances in seedlings technology that have gone into certified seedlings also bring decisive benefits in overcoming the challenge of feeding the growing global population. This technology has increased productivity, enabling farmers worldwide to grow more food on available agricultural land. With urbanization eating away at farming acreage, it’s vital to maximize yields per hectare.

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