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Water Conservationist

In Kenya and other parts of the world, water has seemed like an unlimited resource. As populations grow, however, society needs more water to meet basic needs. Many communities are facing water shortages. Fortunately, there is an excellent short-term solution: using water efficiently. Water conservation specialists are experts in the efficient use of water who can make significant contributions to protecting our planet. They:

  • calculate possible water savings of large conservation programs;
  • recommend ways business, agriculture, and consumers can save water;
  • administer programs for community groups that want to participate in conservation projects, such as a low-flush toilet exchange;
  • help forecast short-term and long-term water supply and demand;
  • participate in creating and promoting water conservation regulations;
  • collect, interpret, and analyze water use data to see if the water agency is meeting conservation goals; and
  • recommend new water-saving equipment.

Severe drought has adversely affected water resources, especially in the arid and semi-arid areas of the Kenya. This has led to reduced river recharge systems, causing severe water scarcity amidst the ever-increasing demand.

I am not sure there is any living creature that does not feel the twinge of water scarcity, ranging from that snake whose thirst has led it out of the bush into someone’s hut to urban dwellers, who have to adhere to water and power rationing schedules.

Besides farmers, who have lost a good fraction of their expected bumper harvests, the most affected are pastoralists who have resorted to slaughtering their emaciated animals before they die. I won’t even mention the game reserve invasions pastoralists are resorting to in order to save their treasured possessions.

Therefore, if you are one and would like to partner with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.