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I don’t have capital to start my agribusiness venture how do I start from scratch?

Starting an Agribusiness in Kenya with no capital is one of the most difficult and frustrating thing. The Kenyan government on paper has placed many avenues that are meant to help the youth in farming but they rarely work. In most cases you will apply only to realize much of your time has been wasted but nothing of value has come out of it. This normally leaves most of the youth frustrated and hopeless with nowhere to turn to for funding. So what can one do in order to start agribusiness without capital or with little capital?

  1. Start Small

We always urge people to start small. By so doing you will be able to use the little resources you have to start small and grow naturally. After a while, you will look back and thank God and time for what you will have become. In addition, you will have build-up enough experience that will help you to even come up with custom made solutions to help you with farm problems.

  1. Grow what you know

We advise you not to venture into farming practices that you are not well familiar with. Always ensure you have done your research well and you have all the knowledge and skills at your disposal. This will enhance your chances of success in the agribusiness you want to venture into. In addition, it will reduce the outside help that may have increased the expenses into the agribusiness. In most cases, having the knowledge and experience in a certain farming venture is all it needs to succeed.

  1. Market your Agribusiness

Spread the word to your family, friends, colleagues and anybody you know about your new agribusiness. Send e-mails, call and make your new business known in all your social media platforms. Your family and friends are the first priorities and they might help you spread the word. This method of marketing can help you to introduce your agribusiness to a much greater audience. When it comes to harvesting, your contacts will have the information of what is coming their way. This means that when a friend or a contact hears anybody asking for a product that you produce, they will just give your contacts.

  1. Avoid too much expenses

When you start your farm in Kenya, you are going to have plenty of expenses, and there are some that just can’t be avoided. What you can avoid though is overspending. For example if you want to plant Cabbages and you do not have money to buy the expensive hybrid seeds, why don’t you instead buy the normal seeds and save the money. By doing this you will have enabled yourself to spread out your money and buy other farm implements that will be required during the growing period e.g. insecticides, fungicides and D.A.P. Being frugal in the beginning can be the difference between success and a failed agribusiness.

  1. Work Hard

 Hard work is an absolute necessity, but when you are starting an agribusiness venture in Kenya with little to no capital then you must be prepared to dedicate everything you have into making the farming business a success. This might mean planting and taking care of the crops yourself, handling marketing, dealing with billing and accounting, and every other working part of your business. You will wear many hats and it will require the majority of your time and energy if you are to make it.

Agribusiness is not hard neither is it simple. It requires patience and dedication. Stay focused, try and do agribusiness that doesn’t require much money but keep your eyes on the ball.