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Onion Farming Profit Per Acre

Before venturing in Onion farming, you should first know the best time to plant depending on location. This will help you gauge the right time according to weather and the market.

Best Time To Plant Onion In Kenya

The Kenyan population is growing day by day, thanks to improved medical services, and extended life expectancy. This means, demand for food is always high and as we all know most foods require onions to prepare. The best time to farm onions is during the short rains such that harvesting is done either in January and February. Around the period between January and February, there is a limited supply of onions from Tanzania which translates to an increased cost of onions in the country. If your timings are right, you stand to benefit with substantial profit margins when you supply when there are enormous demand and little supply. The two bulbs available in the market from Tanzania and Kenya differ in quality. The Tanzanian variety is small in size, thin and firmly layered with a characteristic smell while the Kenyan one is big with free layers.

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Projected Profit Of Onion Farming In Kenya

The profitability of onion farming will depend on the time of the year, when you get your produce to the market. below is a breakdown giving you the price estimates for onion farming.

Lets assume you plant an entire acre of onions in Kenya, on the higher  side you could use atmost 150,000. We approximate that an acre will produce atleast 14000-18000 kilograms of bulb onions. The market price for now is around Ksh 40-100 per kilo, i.e 16,000 * 40 = 640,000-1600000

minus the cost of production – 150,000 (Net profit). Even if you don’t sell at the retailing price, and have to do a wholesaling price, you will still manage to get some good returns.

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Capital Required To Cultivate An Acre Of Onions

When undertaking small-scale onion farming in Kenya, one requires a capital cost of anything between Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 200,000. Nevertheless, if one is embarking on large-scale onion farming in Kenya, you will need more capital; this is because you need different types of farm equipment and machinery to work on the several acres of land. For instance, in small-scale farming of one acre of land, you need farm equipment’s like forks, rakes, hoes, bags and knapsack sprayers among others while as a large grower you need heavy machinery like under-cutters, windrowing, tractors/trailers as well as bagging equipment. As such, the latter will cost more but the returns will definitely be higher.

Well, this is one investment you should try if your area is viable.