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Different Types Of Poultry Farming And Their Products

Poultry farming in Kenya is assuming an essential part in the Kenyan general economy and satisfying the sustenance demand. Reports demonstrates that a few people are getting to be tycoons by commercial poultry farming in Kenya. The clear majority of the farmers of Kenya raise egg laying or broiler chicken. Raising some other household birds can likewise be found in Kenya.

A few people raise poultry for family consumption and a large portion of the farmers raise poultry commercially as a source of income. Poultry egg consuming rate is moderately high than meat consumption in Kenya. Schools, hotels and homes are the greatest market for poultry eggs in Kenya. On the other hand, hotels are the major consumers of chicken meat.

One can start poultry farming in Kenya having in mind domestic as well as the international market. In the event that you would prefer not to burn through cash in purchasing poultry products then you can run with little scale poultry farming in Kenya. Be that as it may, for business generation you need to center around the marketing of your products. You can target large hotels, organizations and furthermore sending out to remote nations for marketing your items.

Poultry farming has very broad branches. Below you have those that are common in Kenya:

Broilers breeding

Broilers in Kenya

This is for meat production. You`ll develop your broilers and sell them out to the purchasers. Broilers grow so quick. Within 42-45 days, most broilers are grown and ready to be sold.

Layers breeding

Here you are producing your layer chickens with the real point of making them lay eggs, however you`ll in the end sell them after they are getting to be frail and are never again laying eggs obviously (this is more often than not following 68-70 weeks, around 1 year and 4 months)

Kenbro Rearing

Kenbro chickens can be raised both for eggs and meat. These chickens should have been bolstered for at least a half year before they will begin laying eggs, however they don`t lay as much eggs as layers. Some of them that are reared for meat as well take much longer time to mature than broilers

Poultry feed production

People in this branch of poultry farming are producing poultry`s food and selling them to the poultry farmers


Here you have people who hatch chicken and other birds. This aspect of poultry business is very important (though not common) because the health of a bird is determined by the effectiveness of the hatchery process.

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Poultry equipment manufacturing

You guess it. These guys manufacture various equipment needed on the poultry farm.

Poultry Advisors

You will need experience in aforementioned niches before you can succeed as a consultant. Yes, a giant company may be doing all the above together, but if you`re just starting out, you definitely cannot, because of these two or three reasons;

  • Taking the greater part of the above together will require so much capital, however not only that.
  • Starting all the above together won’t work since, poultry, similar to some other business has an expectation to absorb information. For instance, when you see an organization doing all the above together, their story may look something like: Starting with layers for a few months, going in to broilers, growing to poultry feed production, later hatchery and since they may have spent numerous years at this point, they would now be able to venture into poultry consultancy. I`m beyond any doubt you got that. Begin some place. Learn and develop.
  • Crisis administration. Did you hear somebody said poultry business is exceptionally risky? That`s not genuine. Each business is risky, not just poultry. Starting all the above together (regardless of whether you have enough capital) isn’t prudent in light of the fact that you are putting excessively too much food in your mouth at once.

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Since you have chosen one of the above branches of poultry business you`ll love to go for, you might consider Investing.