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Grafted muthakwa tree tomatoes

The grafted variety matures after 9- 12 months depending on location and the expected output is between 25-40 kg per plant annually. The current market price of the tree tomatoes fruits is sh 80-150 per Kg. This means one tree tomato can give returns of more than 2000-6000 annually under good management.

They have a lifespan of more than 6 years and they produce through out the year. One acre of land under a good spacing can be planted 1500 seedlings. Get the seedlings from us @100. We do delivery country wide. We also have management and consultancy services on the tree tomatoes. Visit our offices or demo farm in Nyeri to learn more on tree tomato.

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The grafted variety is diseases resistant also drought resistant ‘Muthakwa tree’ is tap rooted and is able to tap water from deep underground. It is also not attacked by nematodes unlike the ordinary tree tomato. We are currently managing over many farms in Nyeri, Embu, Nakuru and Kiambu counties.

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