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Wambugu Farm ATC Event

Wambugu Farm Training on Tree tomato value addition

Oxfarm ( in collaboration with tamarillo farm mweiga ( and Mkulima wa Nyeri Farm are inviting you to Wambugu farm ATC to learn more on value addition on tree tomato fruits.
This in an annual event that take place in July every year. We will have samples for those who will visit our stand to get a taste on our various products.
Some of our products are;
  • Jam,
  • Juice
  • chili sauce and
  • fresh fruits.


Tree tomato Jam


We will also explain different processes the products undergo in our factory located in Mweiga.
We will also have agronomist who will teach farmers on the best ways on management of the plants and also availability of grafted tree tomato seedlings.
some of the thing to learn are;
  • Cost Analysis, Business Plan and Returns
  • Nursery Establishment Management and Care
  • Grafting Techniques
  • Transplanting, Nutrient requirements and Farm preparation
  • General Care and Maintenance
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Grading and Packaging
  • Production and Marketing Challenges
  • Value Addition


We will sigh contracts with farmers who want to join us to farm this profitable crop.
For any questions and direction contact 0706 222 888 / 0723 662 773
Planted grafted tree tomato seedling
Planting Grafted Tree Tomato
Tree Tomato Fruit
Grafted tree tomato plant
Packaging fruit for processing
Final product
For any questions and direction fill the below form or contact us 0706 222 888 / 0723 662 773
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Tree-tomato farming made easy in Kenya

For those of you who might not have the greenest of thumbs, here may be a good productive plant for you to start growing, tree-tomato. Learn more now!

The tree-tomato, typically referred to as the tamarillo, may be a member of tomato family, that additionally includes different staples like regular eggplants, capsicums and potatoes.

It isn’t all that acknowledged here in Kenya. However, if you raise a relative or friend from Central Kenya, they’ll presently need to be your best buddy after they hear you have got a tree that is roofed with these delicious fruits. Firstly, they originated from South and Central America. Tamarillos were introduced to Kenya by Asia back within the late 1800’s.

The Tree-tomato may be a quick growing, however short lived tiny tree, lasting solely five to seven years. However, fruit are often expected in eighteen months from planting. You don’t get a lot of quicker results than that once it involves perennial plants. For a longer-lived tree (approximately fifteen years) grow a grafted tree-tomato.

When planting tree-tomato, it’s vital to understand that they’re a shallow non-moving. Choosing for a sunny spot that has some protection against hot wind and smart clearing is crucial. If you reside in a frosty space that drops below -3ºC, think about putting a lightweight cowl over your tree in winter time. If there’s any injury to the soft fleshy growth, simply tip out these shoots and your tree can recover easily. Tamarillos may also be fully grown in giant pots. Expect your tree-tomato to induce roughly 2-3 metres tall and 1-2 meters wide. Lop seed plant fully grown plants at the 1m tall stage, as they have some encouragement to grow bushy.

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