Serious individuals who are really good farmers and entrepreneurs are reaping big with pepino melon while many of us are waiting for it to turn like quail, but I want to take this chance to be a little bit on your face that it’s not happening any time soon. Pepino came to Kenya 3 years ago some have become millionaires and many have earned what they say their life time dream income. The price of an average pepino fruit at farm gate is 30-50 while that in our retail markets at 70-150 per fruit and the plant start its harvest after 3-4 months of planting depending on area. A plant can produce more than 50 fruits in four months’ time after the start of the harvest the pepino plant has also a lefespan of 3 years.

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That means a quarter of land having 1000 at a spacing of 3*3ft can have a minimum return of 1.5-2.5 million in a period of 8 months . But to get this return you need to learn from experts and the experienced one about the care from planting to harvest, the varieties and the marketing, we as oxfarm once you become our customer we will make you achieve all this. Also make your idle greenhouse earn you even greater returns. The best time to invest is now we sell our seedlings at Ksh 100, call us now and order the seedlings  0723662773 or visit or offices at Nairobi hermes house Tom Mboya Street opp K.T.D.A.

fruit tree seedlings
For the All type of Fruit tree seedlings We at oxfarm we do propagate and sell quality certified seedlings to farmers at the best prices for each seedling as above. We also assist in establishment of orchards and for all types of fruit trees. In order to learn more visit our demo farm at ridge ways Kiambu road or in Nyeri. Contact 0706222888 To get directions Call/Text/ WhatsApp us on 0706222888

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