We shall be making free seedling deliveries of all fruit varieties on 9th and 10th of may to Nyahururu,Gilgil,Naivasha and kinangop.Make use of the rains with profitable enterprises this season, fruit farming.We will also provide free consultancy on planting and management.Order via our Mpesa till no 868992.Mangoes,Pawpaw,Hass avocados,oranges,Tangerines,Pepino melons,pomegranate,lemon,lime,kiwi,macadamia,apples,passion fruits are all available in our seedbed.Contact 0712075915/0723662773 to order

For the All type of Fruit tree seedlings We at oxfarm we do propagate and sell quality certified seedlings to farmers at the best prices for each seedling as above. We also assist in establishment of orchards and for all types of fruit trees. In order to learn more visit our demo farm at ridge ways Kiambu road or in Nyeri. Contact 0706222888 To get directions Call/Text/ WhatsApp us on 0706222888

2 thoughts on “Seedlings Deliveries : Nyahururu, Gilgil, Naivasha and kinangop

  1. Kindly let me know if you do free delivery to Naivasha. Am interested in avacado seedlings for 1/4 acre. What other fruit trees can I intercrop with these? Will I get training and management consultation? Do let me know soonest

    1. Hello Mercie,
      we can guide you on planting and also make deliveries.
      Our contact is 0706222888

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