The grafted variety matures after 9- 12 months depending on location and the expected output is between 25-40 kg per plant annually. The current market price of the tree tomatoes fruits is sh 80-150 per Kg. This means one tree tomato can give returns of more than 2000-6000 annually under good management.

They have a lifespan of more than 6 years and they produce through out the year. One acre of land under a good spacing can be planted 1500 seedlings. Get the seedlings from us @100. We do delivery country wide. We also have management and consultancy services on the tree tomatoes. Visit our offices or demo farm in Nyeri to learn more on tree tomato.

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fruit tree seedlings



The grafted variety is diseases resistant also drought resistant ‘Muthakwa tree’ is tap rooted and is able to tap water from deep underground. It is also not attacked by nematodes unlike the ordinary tree tomato. We are currently managing over many farms in Nyeri, Embu, Nakuru and Kiambu counties.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

For the All type of Fruit tree seedlings We at oxfarm we do propagate and sell quality certified seedlings to farmers at the best prices for each seedling as above. We also assist in establishment of orchards and for all types of fruit trees. In order to learn more visit our demo farm at ridge ways Kiambu road or in Nyeri. Contact 0706222888 To get directions Call/Text/ WhatsApp us on 0706222888

23 thoughts on “Grafted muthakwa tree tomatoes

  1. Need to plant some in the highlands of ravine baringo county…where do I get the seedlings?

    1. our seedbed is in nyeri and meru but we do delivery country wide. contact us you will be assisted

  2. It was nice to read this great advice. Since I have planted about 250 plants of tree tomato I will now continue following you on this great platform. Keep the good work.

    1. Thanyou we will be giving you guidance. be posting in this platform

  3. Am impressed by these grafted tree tomatoes, my question is can it do well in Timboroa area?

    1. Sir Maiko yes they do very well.

  4. How do I graft a few mithakwa I planted?

    1. feel free to contact us 0723662773

  5. Good evening.

    I am interested in this farming venture how can I get more details in regards to the same and looking at doing an acre but need to know total costs of the same. Thanks

    1. Contact us 0723662773 and all information you need.

  6. It’s inspiring to read such advice. Can the tree tomato do well in the lower areas of muranga county e.g makuyu. I would like to try it.

    1. They do very well in those areas.

  7. Hi! Can Tomato trees do good in Matuu, Yatta?

    1. Hi Elizabeth yes they do good. with an irrigation system in place

  8. I compliment you for the great work,I’ll be following you for advice and guide,I’ve planted 1500 trees baringo central sub county

    1. for any assistance on agronomy part contact 0723662773.

  9. can tree tomatoes grow in North rift

  10. WRITE SOMETHING…hae can tree tomato do well in muranga kangema



    1. yes they will do well

  11. WRITE SOMETHING…some of my grafted plants in githunguri are rotting at the roots and drying up.
    looks like moles also love the muthakwa root stock.
    what could cause the root rot in muthakwa?

  12. thanks a lot,,I am Christopher from Embu county in mbeere north,,can these tree tomatoes do well in this area?

    1. Welcome Christopher tree tomato does well in Embu county. you can contact us on 0723662773 we will guide you on this.

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