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Let’s be honest, you weren’t. Right? The rainfall patterns have been erratic this year in a manner that most farmers did put a hold on their farming projects and some might have even lost hope in farm.

But you know what? At Oxfarm we didn’t despair, we kept working and strategizing how we will be of help to our farmers just in case the rains came abruptly by designing fruit packages of high economical value.

HASS AVOCADO. Heard of it? Globally known as the “Green Gold”. Yes, I know now you wondering how can gold be green. And here is where your attention is needed most.

An acre of land accommodates 150 Hass avocado trees with a spacing of 5m by 5m. These trees mature after 3 years (first harvest) producing around 50-60 fruits. Looks low, right? But what you do not know is a these keep growing, production per tree keeps increasing in the sense that when this tree reaches it’s 6th, 7th & 8th year per tree you will be harvesting over 500 fruits with farm gate price per fruit ranging between 10/ – 20/- depending with the demand Vs Supply.

  • Arithmetically on the lower case an acre produces;
    1st of production  Yr= 50 ×150=7,500 fruits
    7500 × 10= Ksh. 75,000/-
  • 2nd Yr of production =100 *150=15,000 fruits
    15,000 × 10= Ksh. 150,000
  • 6th Harvest = 500*150=75,000
    75,000 × 10=750,000/-

Ain’t this just lucrative?

This December we have a great deal in our avocado package.
With your one acre of land we can provide you with the following at your comfort at Ksh 40500.

–> Free Agronomical farm advice from our Agronomist.
–> Free Langstroth beehive,
–> 10 free fuerte seedlings,
–>150 Certified Hass seedlings per acre,
–> Organic Manure per hole
–> Digging of 150 holes mixing with organic manure plus planting,
–> Lifetime Agronomical support
–> Post harvest market linkages for your Hass avocado fruits produce

Do yo think is a great deal, engage us today. Pay 80% with remaining pay after we complete the project.

For more information.
Contacts 0740000044 / 0706222888 / 0710588060 / 0769623300 / 0742194880

WhatsApp Link HERE

What customer say about us

The professionalism required in planting stage of avocado farming is what made me outsource the work to Oxfarm. Their agronomist are best in responding to issues affecting us on the farm.

Paul Wambugu
Manager - Kazi farm Nakuru

They came to my farm did as i was promised and now i have 2 years old avocado orchard. Thanks to Oxfarm.

Suhayla H Abdul

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