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Did you know that Dragon fruit farming is one of the most profitable fruit farming venture in Kenya? One stool of 2 plants can give you about 20 fruits each season. On average, each fruit weighs about 500g. That means each stool will give you approximately 10 kgs every year. If you sell at a wholesale price of 500 per kg, you will be earning Ksh5,000 per stool. One acre accommodates 2,000 stools at a spacing of 1m between the stools and 2m between the lines. That translates to Ksh10 million per year from one acre.

Click on the link below to make your inquiries and to also purchase the dragon fruit seedlings…

5 thoughts on “THE NEW GOLD MINE

  1. Looking forward to work with you

  2. long does dragon fruits take mature and be harvested from planting seedlings.?compared to other fruits does it have pests or diseases.?then do you sell seedlings with the pot there is other cost of buying pots?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Benson, thank you for reaching out to us, Dragon fruit takes 1 Year and 6 months up-to 2 years to mature and start fruiting,
      The dragon fruit is prone to pests like Nematodes,ants,scales,mealybugs,and fruit flies, control measures is to have field hygiene and use of pesticides such as Decis and Confidor also, it is advisable to scout the farm to monitor the pest population and access the damage for timely control measures.
      We do not sell the pots, but the beauty is you can still plant the dragon fruit in holes, that will save you from buying pots, the out come of the fruit is the same whether you used a pot or not. For further clarification, feel free to call us on 0706222888 and we will gladly respond to you and furnish you with all the information you need on dragon fruit farming. You can also make your order by dialing the same contact.
      Kind regards, DN

  3. Interested in growing dragon fruit that is red inside, How is the market so far

    1. Hi Derik, thank you for reaching out to us, The dragon fruit is highly sourced for since it is not popular with farmers and that is why we are calling it the modern day gold mine, because the return on investment is very high and there is less competition, the fruit is being sold at an average on Kshs.800 per Kg, now a healthy dragon fruit weighs 0.5kg, so with that in mind, each stool will give you approximately 10Kg which is 20 fruits, which is just one stool. For further clarification on Dragon farming kindly feel free to contact us on 0706222888 and speak to us on dragon fruit farming, and also to place your order.
      Kind regards, DN

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