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When it comes to tree tomatoes we do it the best way.This is by grafting to increase productivity as well as increasing their lifespan.Order grafted seedlings from us.You can also visit our demonstration farm for more.

9 thoughts on “Tree Tomato Demo farm Nyeri Kenya

  1. hello oxfarm.
    im interested in tree tomato farming.
    i have land in mbeere in embu county which has never been cultivated,the soil is sandy and its hot climate.i would like you to advice me if this tee can do well there and if possible can you visit the place so that you can advice me accordingly.

    1. hello too, Anastasia thankyou for being interested with tree tomato farming, what we may first do is to visit your land to determine whether they can do well, we will also test the soil to know the soil requirements. for dry areas you need to have an irrigation system. lets talk more by contacting us 0723662773

    2. Hi Anastasia yes we can visit your farm, also we need to test your soil. contact us on 0723662773 for arragements

  2. Passed by your offices but found them closed. When are you open?

    1. Hello, you can always contact us on 0723662773.

  3. i am interested in farming this fruit in nyeri.

    Kindly advice on how to start.

    1. Duncan contact us on 0723662773 you can also visit our demo farm in Nyeri 0723662773

  4. how can i visit the tree tomato demo farm

    1. contact 0723662773 to get direction.

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